Shaitani Rasmein 10th June 2024 Written Update: Nikki seeks Tichkandi help to save Gehlots

Shaitani Rasmein 10th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aarohi claims that the child is shaitan child. Pratik says that Aarohi is saying like this due to Nikki. Sumitra asks what’s happening. She asks Vikram to do something. Pratik asks Aarohi that how can she talk like this about their child. The child cries. Lights flickers and the swing comes there. Vikram asks what’s happening.

Aarohi says that the child is behind all this. Pratik tells her that Nikki is behind all this. Aarohi says that the child will kill everyone. Vikram tries to attack Sumitra and Aarohi tries to attack Pratik. Piyush takes the child. He says that he could not hear the child’s heartbeats. His hand gets burnt. Vikram cries and apologizes to Malik.

Nikki comes there and takes the child. She sings a lullaby to calm the child and the latter stops crying. Everyone becomes normal. Piyush is about to say something but Nikki stops him. Nikki writes in the mirror that the child is shaitan child. Everyone sees shaitan shadow instead of child’s shadow.

Malik tells his slave that he sent shaitan to palace. He says that shaitan will ruin Gehlots and Bhurangarh. He adds that Nikki has to suffer for betraying him and laughs.

Gehlots goes to Nikki’s room. Nikki signals them to keep quiet. Piyush asks what they should do. Nikki answers him by singing. She says that child will kill the person who comes in between them. She leaves from there. She tells the child that she will be with him always and she won’t leave him never. She asks Paldevi to help her. Arrow is about to harm her and she apologizes to the child. Arrow falls down. Malik asks how can Nikki save herself and her family.

Piyush decides to call Pandari baba. He takes the phone but phone blasts. Sumitra tells Vikram to do something. Vikram asks her that what he can do. He says that everyone will die. Pratik asks Vikram to not say like that. They notices there is fire around Nikki. Piyush thinks to save Nikki but he could not move from there.

Nikki calls Tichkandi. Tichkandi comes there and claims that’s her child. Gehlots gets shocked hearing this. Nikki asks the child to go to his mother Tichkandi. Tichkandi tells Nikki that she got mukti from pret lok. She tells thanks to Nikki for showing real face of Malik to her. Nikki tells the child that the latter did nothing wrong so she is not angry at him. She gives the child to Tichkandi.

Tichkandi tells Nikki that someone can help the latter to defeat Malik and leaves from there. Nikki thinks that she has to go to Malik’s past to defeat him. She murmurs that that’s impossible. Gehlots comes there. Nikki says that Malik won’t stop until he kills them. She adds that it’s impossible to defeat Malik.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Nikki tells Gehlots that she has to go to Malik’s past to learn the secret of his death.

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