Shaitani Rasmein 11th June 2024 Written Update: Gehlots meets Baldevi

Shaitani Rasmein 11th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Malik’s slave tells Malik to kill Nikki. Malik says that he won’t kill Nikki but he won’t let her win too. He adds that his game did not end yet and laughs.

On the other hand, Sumitra asks Nikki that what the latter is saying. Nikki says that no one can kill Malik because he is immortal and no one could kill him when he was not immortal. Piyush asks her that how she know about it. She tells him that Tichkandi told her to go to Malik’s past to find a way to kill Malik, but that’s impossible. She says that Malik will kill everyone one by one. Vikram agrees with Nikki.

Piyush asks Nikki to not say like that. Sumitra asks Nikki to lose hope. She says that they will die if they believed they will die then. Malik asks Nikki to not accept defeat easily. Nikki tells Sumitra that next attack will be last attack by Malik and they can’t escape. Sumitra says that they should fight instead of accepting defeat. Aarohi agrees with Sumitra.

Piyush tells Nikki that tomorrow they may find a path so they can’t lose hope. Nikki thinks that she acted like this so Gehlots gets ready to fight against Malik. She says that she should go to Malik’s past. Pratik tauntingly asks Nikki to go to Goa and not return. Vikram asks Partik to shut up. Pratik says that time travel is not possible.

Nikki recalls that how Tichkandi said one person can help her. She realises that Tichkandi was talking about Baldevi. She asks Baldevi to come in front of them and help them. Baldevi takes Gehlots to her place. Vikram wonders where are they now. Gehlots gets shocked seeing Baldevi. They greets Baldevi.

In the old palace, Saudamini meets Malik. In the past, Saudamini does sadhana for Maha shaitan. Maha shaitan comes in front of Saudamini. She gives her soul to Maha shaitan. In the present, Saudamini tells everything to Malik. Malik says that he is happy because Saudamini impressed Maha shaitan. Saudamini gets tattoo on her hand due to Malik. He tells her that it’s time to make her as queen of Bhurangarh. She asks him that what if Gehlots tries to fight against her. He gives power to her. She gets happy and chants Malik ki jai. He says that he hate weakness. He tells her to go and rule the Bhurangarh.

Baldevi introduces herself to Gehlots. She says that only Nikki can defeat Malik. Nikki says that she can’t do anything without Baldevi help. Baldevi tells Nikki that the latter’s soul will travel to the past. Piyush asks her that how to bring Nikki from the past. She gives him something. She says that Gehlots should protect Nikki’s body. She warns Nikki to not try to change the past no matter what. She sends Gehlots from there. She tells Nikki that only Swarnaprabha know the complete story of Malik.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Vikram scolds Saudamini for sitting on throne.

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