Shaitani Rasmein 12th June 2024 Written Update: Saudamini troubles Gehlots

Shaitani Rasmein 12th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sumitra asks Piyush that whether Nikki is going to the past today. Piyush nods at her. Vikram asks Sumitra to not worry because Baldevi is with them. Pratik says that he did not forget what happened with him so he won’t support Nikki and leaves from there. Piyush says that Malik would have learnt shaitani child is not in the palace so they should be careful. They sees Nikki sleeping on the bed. Vikram says that Nikki started her time travel journey.

Saudamini comes there and laughs. She sits on the throne. Gehlots gets shocked seeing this. Vikram scolds Saudamini for sitting on the throne. He tells her that it’s not normal chair. He orders Bhavani singh to throw Saudamini out of the palace. Bhavani singh moves towards Saudamini and the latter attacks him using the power she got from Malik. Malik’s slave says that Saudamini is new queen of Bhurangarh.

Saudamini tells Vikram that Malik made her queen of Bhurangarh so the latter can’t go against it. Vikram is about to scold Saudamini but he could not say anything. Sumitra says that she could not see anything. Piyush asks Saudamini to stop all this. Saudamini tells him to call her as queen. She asks where is Nikki.

Piyush tells her that Nikki is not well so Nikki is taking rest. She orders him to bring Nikki else she will lock Nikki in the place where Piyush locked her. Rachna tells Saudamini that she helped the latter a lot. Saudamini slaps Rachna. She warns Rachna to stay like maid. Saudamini moves towards Nikki’s room. Piyush requests her to not disturb Nikki. She beat him up and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Nikki reaches the past. She sees everyone is waiting for someone dance performance. She thinks that seems like she reached 1000 years back. She wonders why everyone is staring her. They asks her to dance.

Saudamini asks Nikki to get up. Sumitra says that Nikki is like lifeless body because of Tichkandi’s attack. Saudamini is about to attack Nikki. Rachna tells Saudamini that Tantrik came for coronation. Saudamini says that Nikki is lucky. She makes Gehlots fine and leaves from there.

Nikki wonders how to escape from there. She starts dancing when they played music. Everyone starts enjoying and drinks alcohol. She thinks that it’s impossible to escape from there. They sees one more dancer is there. Soldiers comes there and scolds them. Those people refuses to accept someone as king. Nikki gets confused hearing all this. Soldier tells them that they will be killed if they went against king then.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nikki thinks that she has to find someone who can take her to Swarnaprabha. One lady tells Nikki that it’s not safe to roam like this. Nikki tells that lady that she want to meet Swarnaprabha. That lady locks Nikki in a room.

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