Shaitani Rasmein 26th January 2024 Written Update: Veronica stops the ritual

Shaitani Rasmein 26th January 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Malik tells Kapalika that she claims that she loves him so much but how can she be careless in his matter. He says that auspicious time started but ritual did not started yet. Kapalika holds his hand. She asks him to kill her instead of questioning her love. She says that Malik should trust her. She adds that she will punish them. He tells her that their goal is making sure Nikki completes the rituals. He says that he want his old form and his powers. He asks her to make sure that ritual gets completed on time. He screams in pain. She tells him that ritual will get completed at any cost.

On the other time, Vikram asks Piyush that whether the latter convinced Nikki for ritual. Piyush tells Vikram that he talked to Nikki but he don’t know what is Nikki’s decision. Vikram gets angry hearing this. He tells Piyush that they are not in the position to let Nikki take decision. He says that Piyush is behaving like nothing happened. He adds that Piyush became mad in love.

Meanwhile, Rachna goes to Nikki’s room with ritual outfit. She tells Nikki that Sumitra sent this outfit for Nikki. Nikki gets shocked seeing white saree. She lists outs the rituals she completed. She recalls Piyush’s words. She thinks that Piyush confused her. She wonders what if wrong happens with Piyush. She agrees to wear the saree.

Vikram’s family learns that their servant died. Vikram says that Kapalika is behind this. He orders Piyush to make sure that Nikki completes the ritual. Sumitra learns one maid died. She goes to Nikki’s room and sees Nikki is ready. She compliments Nikki. Nikki apologizes to her for the delay. She says that she brought up in orphanage. She adds that she don’t have any ideas of these weird rituals. Sumitra tells Nikki that she can understand Nikki well because she also went through this. She assures Nikki that she won’t let anything happen to the latter. Rachna comes there and informs Sumitra about Suguna’s arrival. They goes downstairs.

Nikki asks Sumitra about Piyush. Sumitra tells her that men can’t participate in this ritual. Kapalika tells thanks to Nikki for deciding to perform the ritual. She says that she will give Nikki’s blood to Malik after the ritual. Nikki notices Piyush standing upstairs and gets happy.

Suguna tells Nikki to sit beside her. Nikki sits. Suguna takes Nikki’s hand. Aarohi tells Nikki that it’s like tattoo that’s it. Nikki refuses to perform the ritual. She pleads them to stop it. Veronica comes there. Nikki runs to Veronica. Veronica hugs Nikki. She says that she want to witness the ritual. Sumitra says that ritual is over. Nikki takes Veronica inside. She hope Veronica don’t end up in danger. Sumitra says that no one can save them from Malik.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sumitra slaps Nikki.

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