Shaitani Rasmein 28th March 2024 Written Update: Saudamini helps Nikki

Shaitani Rasmein 28th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode begins with Nikki telling Piyush that she read about Daakini on the internet. She says that she did not get any details about Daakini’s strength, weakness and personality. She asks him that can’t she get more details about Daakini.

On the other hand, Suguna sees a mirror. She tells Vikram and Sumitra that there is same design mirror in Chaya’s room so they can change it. She says that this is normal mirror and they have to make this mirror as truth mirror by telling the secret truth to it. She calls Sumitra. Sumitra looks herself in the mirror. Suguna takes Sumitra’s blood. Sumitra tells mirror that she don’t love Nikki at all. She says that she loves her children only. She adds that Nikki’s existence don’t matter for her. Vikram and Suguna gets shocked hearing this. Sumitra tells Suguna that the latter must be thinking she is selfish. Suguna tells Vikram that it’s his turn.

Piyush takes Nikki to Saudamini’s room. Nikki gets shocked seeing Saudamini. She asks Piyush that whether he is mad. He tells her that Saudamini should have told everything to Chaya if he did not tie Saudamini then. She tells him that there is a difference between them and Chaya. She asks him that don’t he have humanity.

She unties Saudamini and requests to not scream. She says that if she can’t perform the ritual then both Malik and Chaya will get angry. And says that everyone will die in Bhurangarh because of Malik’s anger. She requests her to say about Daakini. Saudamini thinks that Nikki is right and she can’t become queen of Bhurangarh if Malik killed everyone then. She decides to help Nikki. She tells Nikki that she will give few tapes to the latter. She says that she won’t forgive Piyush and she will take her revenge at right time.

Vikram gives his blood. He tells mirror that Nikki made him realise he is slave to Malik so he hate her. He says that he will stay as Malik’s slave and he won’t choose Nikki’s freedom. Suguna tells Vikram and Suguna that mirror accepted their truth. She says that they can use the truth mirror.

Nikki watches the video and learns about Daakini. She tells Piyush that she has to go to dangerous place. Piyush tells her that she will win and nothing will happen to her. He says that he will meet her in Daakini’s village.

Vikram tells Suguna to keep truth mirror in Chaya’s room. But Suguna refuses in fear. Sumitra takes truth mirror and goes to Chaya’s room. Chaya asks Sumitra that what the latter is hiding. Sumitra shows saree to Chaya. She says that Chaya looks beautiful in the saree so she brought new saree for the latter. Chaya says that she want Sumitra’s jewels too. Sumitra keeps her jewels. She also keeps the truth mirror there without Chaya’s knowledge and leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chaya screams after seeing her real face in truth mirror.

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