Shaitani Rasmein 30th January 2024 Written Update: Veronica tries to seduce Piyush

Shaitani Rasmein 30th January 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kapalika says that Piyush has to sacrifice his life if Vikram’s family don’t decide who is going to sacrifice life before deadline then. She leaves from there. Nikki and Veronica comes there to eat. Veronica sits beside Piyush’s chair. Vikram asks everyone to eat. Veronica says that palace is really beautiful and it’s like heaven. Sumitra thinks that Mohar ritual did not happen because of Veronica.


Piyush tells Veronica to not talk while eating. He says that not everyone get chance to eat palace food. Nikki tells Piyush to not insult Veronica. Veronica tells Nikki that she is fine with it. She thinks that Piyush is showing attitude because his parents are there. She asks Piyush to show his palace to her. Sumitra tells Veronica that Piyush has work. She sends Nikki and Veronica from there.

Veronica asks Nikki that if any fight going on between the latter and Piyush. She says that she saw how Piyush ignored Nikki. Nikki asks Veronica to not overthink and goes to her room.

Vikram says that he can’t sacrifice Piyush’s life for wealth. Sumitra tells him that she is ready to sacrifice her life. He tells her that it’s his responsibility to protect her so he won’t let anything happen to her. He says that he will sacrifice his life. Sumitra opposes him. Pratik suggests Veronica’s name for human sacrifice. Piyush tells Pratik that Veronica is not their family member.

Pratik says that Veronica is Nikki’s loved one so Malik will accept it. He adds that they are facing this problem because of Veronica so let Veronica die. Piyush says that they can’t kill Veronica. Pratik scolds Piyush. He says that Veronica has to die no matter what. Kapalika comes there and asks Piyush whether he is ready. Pratik tells her that Veronica will die. Kapalika laughs. She appreciates Pratik. She says that Veronica is Nikki’s loved one so Malik will accept this. She adds that tonight Veronica will die and leaves from there.

Later, Veronica goes to Piyush’s room. She asks him that why he did not reply to her messages. She tries to seduce him. Piyush asks her that what is she doing. She asks him that why he is getting uncomfortable. She says that she is not stranger. Kapalika sees all this and laughs. She says that let Veronica fulfill her last wish before dying.

Veronica tells Piyush that they will make a reel. Piyush tells her that he is not ready. She makes him fall on the bed. Aarohi comes there and questions them. She warns Veronica to not cross her limits and stay as guest. Veronica leaves from there. Aarohi tells everything to Veronica. Sumitra asks Aarohi to tell about Veronica’s ill motive to Nikki.

Episode ends.

Precap – Aarohi shows the photos to Nikki which Veronica sent to Piyush.

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