Shaitani Rasmein 30th May 2024 Written Update: Betal sacrifices his life for Nikki

Shaitani Rasmein 30th May 2024 Written Update on

The episode begins with Gehlots plant bombs in the old Palace. Shaitan Theives exchanges their heads. They says that they can’t go against Malik and they decides to tell Nikki’s plan to Malik. And they runs towards the old palace. One of the theif’s head falls down. He asks head theif to fix his head. But head theif refuses and says that he should inform Nikki’s plan to Malik first. He thinks that he may get reward from Malik and leaves from there. Head theif’s head also falls down.

Gehlots takes machines to old palace to destroy it. Malik waits for Nikki. He wonders why Nikki did not come yet. Nikki comes there. Malik gets happy seeing Nikki and he compliments her. He notices Betal’s Kankal. He tells Nikki that she is gift for him and she brought another gift for him. Nikki orders Betal’s Kankal to lay down. She begins the amavasya ritual ( Title song plays in the background ). Piyush and Sumitra sees this and they plant bombs there. Other Gehlots also plant bombs there. Nikki thinks that blast will happen in few minutes. Betal tells himself that everything is ready and Nikki will win.

Saudamini asks Malik’s slave to wake up. She wonders what’s happening in the palace today. She hurts herself and pours her blood on Malik’s slave. Malik’s slave regains his consciousness. She asks him that what’s happening in the palace and why Gehlots caught him. He tells her everything. She gets shocked hearing this. She asks him to untie her because they should save Malik. He tries to untie himself. She scolds him. She notices key and asks him to get it. He tries to get the key but fails. She tells him that he is useless. She wonders how to save Malik. She throws a plate on him. She asks him to get the key using the plate. He gets the key and gives it to her. She unties herself and escapes from there. Bhavani singh catches Saudamini. He gets shocked seeing Malik’s slave there. Malik’s slave attacks Bhavani singh. Saudamini runs from there.

Malik thinks that Nikki started loving him but he can’t go in front of her in this form. He decides to go in front of Nikki after he gets his real form. He gets happy seeing Kankal. Nikki tells Malik that Kankal is ready. She asks him to come and accept the Kankal. She says that they won’t meet again and runs from there.

Betal helps head theif. He tells head theif to run from there because blast will happen soon. He goes to Gehlots and tells them to leave from there. Piyush sees head theif going inside old palace. He follows head theif. Head theif murmurs that he should tell Nikki’s plan to Malik. Piyush hears this and he behead head theif.

Saudamini tells Nikki’s plan to Malik. Malik gets angry. He goes to Nikki and scolds her. Nikki falls down and gets scared. Betal becomes fire and distracts Malik. Piyush runs towards Nikki. Betal blasts the palace. Nikki and Piyush runs from there. Malik gets killed.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nikki tells Gehlots that they got freedom.

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