Shaitani Rasmein 31st May 2024 Written Update: Malik punishes Gehlots

Shaitani Rasmein 31st May 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nikki tells Piyush that they won. They goes to Gehlots. Nikki hugs Sumitra. She says that Malik is dead. Vikram tells thanks to Nikki. Nikki says that they won against Malik. Sumitra says that she can’t believe they got freedom from Malik. Nikki says that Betal’s sacrifice did not go waste. She adds that no one need to perform shaitani rasmein and no one will die. They hears a noise from old palace. They notices that Malik is alive. Malik screams. Vikram tells Nikki that Malik is alive. Everyone gets shocked seeing Malik ( Title song plays in the background ).Malik tells Nikki that she revived him. He asks her that why she betrayed him. He says that Gehlots know his power still they supported Nikki to kill him. He asks them that how dare they to plan to kill him. He reveals that he is immortal so no one can kill him. Nikki gets shocked hearing this. She requests Malik to listen her once. He screams in anger. Gehlots starts freezing. Sumitra says she is not able to move her legs. Pratik apologizes to Malik. Nikki tells Malik that everything is her mistake. She pleads him to spare her family. She asks him to kill her and cries. Malik tells Nikki that he won’t kill anyone. He says that Gehlots has to pay for the betrayal. He tells them that they will be alive but they will yearn to die. He tells Nikki that she has to perform shaitani rasmein but before that she will be punished. Suguna learns that Malik punished Gehlots. Later, Sumitra asks Vikram that whether he know about kichkandi punishment. Vikram tells her that he has no idea. He says that he always got gifts from Malik because he never disobeyed Malik. He adds that first time he is going to be punished. He tells Nikki that she ruined everything. Piyush tells Vikram that everyone agreed with Nikki’s plan. Vikram says that everyone made mistake by supporting Nikki. Piyush reminds Vikram that the latter also supported Nikki. Vikram says that Nikki changed everything and Nikki is curse. Piyush scolds his father. He warns his father to not blame Nikki. He says that Nikki is blessing in his life. Sumitra asks them to not fight. She says that she is also scared but Nikki is not wrong. She adds that they did not know Malik is immortal. Nikki blames herself for everything. She apologizes to Gehlots. Vikram gets worried about kichkandi punishment. Saudamini tells Malik that she is his loyalty. Malik tells Saudamini that whether she want to become queen of Bhurangarh. She nods at him. He tells her to prove herself. She asks him to give a chance to her. He tells her to make deal with Maha shaitan. He warns her that she can even die. She tells him that she is ready to do anything. Suguna warns Gehlots about kichkandi. She says that kichkandi is there. Vikram asks what they should to do escape from kichkandi. She says that light will save them. She adds that in the darkness kichkandi will choose her target. Bhavani singh lights the palace. They gets scared hearing noise. Palace filled with darkness. They holds each other’s hands. Someone drags Nikki. Episode ends. Precap – Someone strangulates Nikki. Piyush tries to break the door.