Shaitani Rasmein 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Piyush tries to protect Nikki

Shaitani Rasmein 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nikki gets dragged to a room by Nichkandi. But no one could see Nichkandi. Nichkandi locks Nikki in the room and strangulates Nikki. Nikki screams for help. Piyush tries to break the door. Nikki apologizes to Nichkandi. Piyush notices that Nikki is not inside the room. Nikki and others searches Nikki. Nikki gets scared seeing someone and hides behind chair. Nichkandi laughs at Nikki. Nikki faints. Gehlots spots Nikki.

Piyush takes Nikki to a room. He holds Nikki’s hand and gets glimpse of Nichkandi. Sumitra asks Piyush that what happened. Piyush tells them that Nikki need rest. Everyone leaves from there. Vikram says that Nichkandi targeted Nikki first. Sumitra asks what will happen next. Vikram says that anything can happen.

Next day, Piyush wakes up and notices Nikki is not on the bed. He searches Nikki in the palace. He finds her sitting on the chair. He asks her that what is she doing there. Nikki laughs at him. She says that there is a surprise for everyone. She orders him to call everyone. Everyone comes there after hearing Piyush voice.

Nikki tells thanks to Gehlots for supporting her against Malik. She says that she brought gifts for everyone. She orders Vikram to open his gift first. Vikram opens the gift box and something bites his hand so he screams in pain. Nikki says that it’s Sumitra’s turn. Sumitra hesitates. Nikki beat herself and she bleeds. Sumitra opens the gift box and something bites her hand too. Pratik and Aarohi also opens the gift box. Then Piyush opens the gift box and gets biten.

Nikki says that Tichkandi did not even started giving punishment. Tichkandi comes out of Nikki’s body. Nikki gets confused seeing his injured family. She asks them that what happened. Gehlots blames her. Nikki says that she don’t remember anything nd she did not do anything. She runs inside. She asks Tichkandi to just punish her and spare Gehlots. Tichkandi taunts Nikki for ordering her. She attacks Nikki.

Sumitra says that may be Nikki got possessed by Nichkandi. Gehlots treats their injuries. Piyush says that he need his family support to save Nikki from Tichkandi. They hears a noise from the kitchen. Piyush goes to kitchen and asks Nikki that what is she doing. Nikki tells him that she is cooking. She says that she want to go for honeymoon where they met first time. He asks her that why. She strangulates him and pushes him.

Gehlots comes there. Nikki attacks Sumitra. Aarohi pleads Nikki to stop it. Pratik tries to run away but Nikki attacks him. Piyush puts net on Nikki and makes her unconscious. Gehlots ties Nikki with chair. Vikram says that Nikki ruined everything. Piyush says that Nikki did nothing wrong. Vikram scolds Piyush.

Piyush asks Suguna to save Nikki from Tichkandi. Nikki regains her consciousness. Piyush tells Nikki to leave Nikki’s body. Suguna tells Piyush to bring baba. Piyush tells Sumitra that he trust her only. Sumitra says that she won’t let anyone hurt Nikki. Piyush leaves from there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Piyush sees Nikki every where. And he meets with an accident.

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