Shaitani Rasmein 4th June 2024 Written Update: Nichkandi targets Aarohi’s child

Shaitani Rasmein 4th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode begins with Piyush gets shocked seeing Nikki in the car. Then he sees Nikki everywhere. He wonders what’s happening with him. He meets with an accident while trying to not hit Nikki with his car. Few people runs towards Piyush car.

In the palace, Sumitra feels like someone is dragging her leg and she runs from there. Pratik tells Aarohi that they should escape from there. Aarohi asks Pratik that how can they go without Vikram and Sumitra. He tells her that he cares about his kid only now. They hears Bhavani singh screaming for help. Suddenly Bhavani singh starts laughing and he chases Aarohi and Pratik.

Vikram feels like he is getting strangulated and he screams for help. He asks anyone to open the door. He hears Sumitra’s voice from outside. And Sumitra tells him to defeat Nichkandi. Pratik realises that he is running alone and Aarohi is missing. He hears Aarohi saying she don’t care about Partik. Someone pushes Pratik. Aarohi scolds Pratik for leaving her alone. Pratik accuses that Aarohi pushed him from stairs.

Vikram scolds Sumitra for locking the door from outside and telling him to defeat Nichkandi. Sumitra tells him that she did nothing like that. Vikram asks Pratik that whether the latter saw Aarohi. Pratik says that he just heard Aarohi’s voice. Vikram says that Nichkandi is playing with their minds to break their unity. Pratik agrees with Vikram. Sumitra says that they should support each other always. Pratik suggests to leave the palace now. They goes to Nikki’s room and sees Nikki flying. They gets scared and screams. They asks Nikki to spare them.

Piyush regains his consciousness. Pindari baba comes there. Everyone greets Pindari baba. Pindari baba looks into Piyush eyes. He sees Piyush accident. Piyush tells Pindari baba that he came to meet the latter. Pindari baba says that he is seeing shaitani shakti around Piyush family. Piyush says that that’s Nichkandi. Pindari baba tells Piyush that Nichkandi punishes people on shaitan behest. He says that Nichkandi targets child first. Piyush says that his sister in law Aarohi is pregnant. Pindari baba tells Piyush to save Aarohi. Piyush learns from Pindari baba how to kill Nichkandi.

Nikki strangulates Sumitra. Vikram tries to shoot Nikki. Sumitra asks him to not do that because that’s their Nikki. Nikki attacks Vikram. She moves towards Aarohi. She learns that Aarohi is pregnant. She says that Aarohi’s child will become her child. Gehlots runs from there. Nikki holds Aarohi’s hand. Suguna throws ashes on Nikki’s hand and warns to never return. Nikki attacks Suguna. Pratik and Aarohi hides in the room. They feels cold. Nikki asks them to give the child to her.

In the cremation ground, Pindari baba tells Piyush that he brought hell fire there using his power. He asks Piyush to not stop in the middle and keep chanting mantras while walking on hot coal. Piyush starts walking on hot coal and he collects beads.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pindari baba tells Piyush that how to kill Nichkandi. Piyush falls into the hole.

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