Shaitani Rasmein 5th June 2024 Written Update: Nikki reaches pret lok to save Aarohi’s child

Shaitani Rasmein 5th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aarohi and Pratik hides in a room. They feels cold. Aarohi screams. Pratik tells her that he won’t let anything happen to her. Nikki asks them to give her Aarohi’s unborn child. She finds them. Pratik warns Nikki to stay away from them. Nikki makes Pratik unconscious and she takes Aarohi from there. Vikram tells Sumitra that they have to stop Tichkandi. He finds unconscious Suguna. Sumitra lose her consciousness. Vikram gets worried seeing this.

On the other hand, Piyush collects all the beads by walking on fire coal. Baba tells Piyush that the latter did it. Piyush loses his consciousness. Baba says that Piyush can’t die. Piyush regains his consciousness. Baba tells Piyush that the fight did not end yet.

In the palace everyone gets worried hearing Aarohi’s scream. Vikram asks Pratik that what happened. Pratik tells Vikram that Aarohi’s labor pain started. Aarohi gives birth to her child. Nikki gets happy seeing this. Gehlots hears child crying voice. Nikki takes the child. She says that it’s her child now. Aarohi pleads Nikki to give her child to her. Nikki comes out of the room and attacks Gehlots. Pratik tells Nikki that that’s his child.

Vikram and Sumitra asks Nikki to give the child. Vikram asks Nikki to punish him. Aarohi says that she did not even see her child. She pleads Nikki to give her child to her. Sumitra asks Nikki to give her grandchild to her. Nikki asks them to see the child one last time. Pratik tells Nikki that child did nothing wrong. Nikki says that Tichkandi don’t kill child. She adds that she will take child with her after punishing Gehlots. Sumitra asks Nikki to not do anything.

Nikki says that she won’t leave without killing anyone. She reveals that she will kill Aarohi. She attacks Aarohi and laughs. Aarohi dies. Gehlots cries seeing this. Tichkandi comes out of Nikki’s body and Nikki faints. Sumitra asks Nikki to open her eyes. Nikki regains her consciousness and gets shocked seeing everyone. She says that she don’t remember anything. They sees Tichkandi.

Sumitra pleads Tichkandi to leave child. Nikki asks Tichkandi to take her and spare the child. Piyush comes there with beads. He throw the bead toward Tichkandi. Nikki holds Tichkandi and they gets vanished. Gehlots gets shocked seeing this.

Nikki wonders where is she now and where is the child. She decides to find the child and Tichkandi. She hears the child crying voice. She finds Tichkandi with child.

Pratik curses Nikki. Piyush promise to bring the child and Nikki. Baba comes there. Piyush pleads Baba to tell a way to reach Nikki. Baba says that Nikki is in the pret lok and Tichkandi lives in pret lok.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nikki asks Tichkandi to give Aarohi’s child. But Tichkandi refuses. Piyush falls in the hole. Baba gets shocked seeing this.

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