Shaitani Rasmein 6th June 2024 Written Update: Nikki saves Aarohi’s child

Shaitani Rasmein 6th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode begins with Tichkandi tells Nikki that the latter can’t return from pret lok never. Nikki tells Tichkandi that this is Aarohi’s child. She pleads Tichkandi to return Aarohi’s child. Tichkandi says that that’s impossible. She tries to attack Nikki but Nikki sees the former’s past. In the past, Tichkandi finds a crying child. She decides to give good upbringing to that child. Villagers tells Tichkandi that she stole the child. Tichkandi tells them that she did steal. She says that she loves the child like a mother. Villagers refuses to believe her and burns her alive.

In the pret lok, Nikki gets shocked seeing Tichkandi’s past. Tichkandi tells Nikki that she took her revenge by killing those villagers. Nikki says that those villagers did wrong but Tichkandi should not have choosed wrong path. She asks why Tichkandi started working under devil Malik. Tichkandi warns Nikki to not utter a word against Malik. She says that she did not die that day and she begged God to save her but God did not come.

She reveals that she forced Malik to kill villagers. She adds that Malik’s enemy is her enemy. Nikki tells Tichkandi that the latter is not bad person. She says that Tichkandi was angry and Malik took advantage of it. Tichkandi says that she won’t hear a word against Malik.

On the other hand, Piyush performs a tantrakriya to save Nikki and Aarohi’s child. Baba says that this tantrakriya should not get interrupted else Piyush will die.

Tichkandi feels something. She says that she won’t give her child to anyone. Villagers comes there and decides to beat Tichkandi. Tichkandi says that she is not theif. Nikki hears Piyush’s voice. Piyush tells Nikki that he know where is she now. He tells her that he can see her. He asks her that how can he help her to save her and Aarohi’s child. Nikki tells Piyush that she is in Tichkandi’s village. She asks him to find the well in which Tichkandi died. She informs village name to Piyush.

Piyush tells Baba that they should go to Tichkandi’s village. They reaches there and finds the well. Piyush falls into the well. He asks Baba to take him out. Baba asks Piyush to find clue there. Piyush finds Tichkandi’s dead body. He tells Baba that they should perform last rites of Tichkandi.

Nikki asks Villagers to calm down. She defends Tichkandi. Villagers apologize to Tichkandi and leaves from there. Tichkandi asks Nikki that how is this possible. She says that villagers came again and again to punish her. Nikki says that Tichkandi should be happy. She adds that Tichkandi will get mukti. Tichkandi says that she is working for Malik so she has to stay in pret lok forever. Nikki says that Tichkandi will get mukti for sure. Malik hears this and he decides to punish Tichkandi.

Piyush burns Tichkandi’s dead body. Tichkandi tells Nikki that she is getting mukti. Nikki snatches the child from Tichkandi. Villagers moves towards Tichkandi to punish her on Malik’s behest, but Tichkandi gets mukti. Malik tells himself that Nikki does unexpected things always. He says that this is just a beginning.

In the palace, Aarohi starts breathing. Nikki comes there with Aarohi’s child. Piyush also comes there with Baba. Gehlots gets happy seeing child. Piyush hugs Nikki. Nikki gives the child to Aarohi. Child stops crying when Nikki picks the former. Sumitra says that Nikki will take care of the child until Aarohi becomes fine.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pratik says that something is fishy that’s why his child is not coming to him and Aarohi.

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