Shaitani Rasmein 7th June 2024 Written Update: Aarohi’s child behaves strange

Shaitani Rasmein 7th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nikki takes care of the child. Piyush sees this and he tells Nikki that she will be good mother. She tells him that he will be good father. She says that she wants so many kids. She adds that her heart says everything will be fine and they will become parents. He teasingly tells her that they should do something for that. The child cries. Piyush says that the child is enemy of his romance. Nikki goes inside to change.

Piyush plays with the child. Chandelier is about to fall on them. Nikki notices this saves them. Piyush asks what is this. Nikki says that he is glad everyone is fine. Meanwhile, Malik laughs. He says that Nikki saw his love and now Nikki will see his hatred and his revenge.

Aarohi tries to give milk to her child but the latter cries. Dining table gets burnt. Vikram asks Sumitra to do something. Nikki takes the child and the latter stops crying. Aarohi gets hurt seeing this. Vikram says that child behavior is weird. Sumitra agrees with him. Nikki takes the child to her room. Nikki falls asleep. Aarohi comes there and takes her child. She gets shocked seeing something and faints.

Gehlots comes there. Pratik asks Nikki that what she did with Aarohi. Nikki tells him that she did nothing. Sumitra says that Aarohi would have fainted because of weakness. Vikram says that even Suguna is not fine. Sumitra says that she will call Mandini to take care of Aarohi. Pratik takes Aarohi from there. Sumitra notices something and leaves from there.

Next day, Mandini comes to palace. She examines Aarohi and says that Aarohi should regain her consciousness else anything can happen to Aarohi. Pratik says that Nikki brought something bad from pret lok for sure. Mandini goes to Nikki’s room and takes care of the child. Child eye turns red and he bites Mandini. Mandini wonders who bite her. She thinks that something is fishy.

Pratik tells his parents that Tichkandi is in Nikki’s body still. Vikram says that that’s not possible. Mandini hears everything. She tells them that she will confirm that. Piyush scolds his family for doubting Nikki still. Pratik tells Piyush that everything started because of Nikki. Vikram asks them to not fight. Piyush says that Tichkandi’s chapter is over.

Vikram says that there is no hospital in the Bhurangarh so he called doctor. Doctor examines Aarohi and says that seems like Aarohi is going through trauma. He examines the child and the child cries. He gets shocked. Piyush asks whether everything is fine. Doctor says that the child is fine and leaves from there. Sumitra tells thanks to Vikram for calling the doctor. Nikki wonders why doctor looked scared. She goes out and learns that doctor is dead. Nurse tells Nikki that doctor said there was no heartbeat for the child and also there was no pulse. She says that this is not normal and leaves from there in the car. Later, child swing moves from Nikki’s room.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nikki tells herself that this is shaitan’s child.

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