Shaitani Rasmein 9th June 2024 Written Update: Nikki tells the child truth to Gehlots

Shaitani Rasmein 9th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Piyush hears child crying noise and he sees swing moving. He misunderstands that Nikki is taking the swing and asks her to stop. He follows the swing and notices it’s empty. He falls from the stairs. Everyone comes there. Nikki asks Piyush that how he fell down. Piyush tells everything to Nikki. He says that he felt like someone pushed him. Nikki says that child did not cry. Piyush sees something and faints. Sumitra asks what’s happening with them and cries. Vikram wonders whether Malik is behind all this.

Next day, Nikki asks the child to sleep. Gurumaa tells Nikki that seems like the latter did not sleep whole night. She struggles to walk. Nikki asks Gurumaa that what happened. Gurumaa says that something bite her when she was giving massage to the child. She adds that she got fever yesterday night. Nikki gets worried about Piyush and she goes to Piyush room. She notices small hand mark on Piyush’s back. She recalls that how Piyush said he felt someone pushed him.

She goes to her room and looks at the child. She takes the glass which Gurumaa kept there to test her. She notices red color water in the glass and gets scared. She tells the child that she will bring gift for the latter. Child starts crying. She puts camera in the swing and she takes Taplet with her. She leaves the room and sees child sitting in the swing. She thinks that it’s shaitan child, not human’s child.

She goes downstairs and sees Vikram sending Bhavani singh to buy toys for the child. Sumitra brings the crying child. Vikram says that Malik is silent which is not good for them. Nikki thinks that no one will believe her if she says the child is shaitan’s child. She goes to her room. Sumitra comes there and collects the clothes of the child. She says that she will bring new clothes for the child. Nikki writes everything in the note and she gives it to Sumitra without the child knowledge. Sumitra takes the note.

Vikram comes there and says that he called Tantrik Baba for the child’s naming ceremony. He takes the child. He tells Sumitra that the child is not crying today. Nikki notices the child’s eyes are turning red. Lamp gets broken and Vikram gets injured. Sumitra drops the note and goes to Vikram. Nikki takes the child. Sumitra treats Vikram’s injury.

Later, Tantrik baba enters the palace. He feels like Shaitan smell is there. He tells congratulations to Gehlots. He writes the child’s horoscope. Nikki brings the child. Pratik asks Tantrik baba that whether his child is in danger. Tantrik baba looks at the child. Pratik wonders why Tantrik baba looks scared. Nikki understands that Tantrik baba learnt the child truth. Tantrik baba leaves from there. He decides to tell the truth to Vikram and he calls Vikram. Plant falls on Tantrik baba and he dies.

Gehlots gets shocked seeing Tantrik baba’s dead body. Pratik says that Tantrik baba learnt Nikki’s truth so Nikki killed Tantrik baba. Nikki says that child is shaitan’s child. Pratik scolds Nikki. He snatches the child from Nikki. He says that Nikki is shaitan. He takes the child to his room. He asks Aarohi to wake up. Vikram locks Nikki in the room. Aarohi wakes up and she gets scared seeing the child. She tells Pratik that this is not their child but shaitan. Gehlots gets shocked hearing this.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nikki escapes from the room and she goes to Pratik room.

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