Shaitani Rasmein: What! Do Kapalika lost her power due to Nikki?

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In the Star Bharat show Shaitani Rasmein, one woman will save Rachna. Will Nikki see that woman? To learn more check out below.


In the current track, Nikki follows Rachna to meet Malik. But Piyush takes Nikki to room to apply haldi paste on her hand. Nikki notices Piyush wrote her name on his hand. She tells him that she will bring haldi paste for him and leaves from there. Piyush sees Nikki going towards old palace and tries to stop her.

Rachna reaches old palace and gives food to Malik. She thinks to get Malik’s blessings to become rich. She sees him and gets scared. Malik drags her inside the room.

Nikki tries to go to old palace but she starts flying and she could not see Kapalika. Kapalika decides to kill Nikki. Nikki hears a voice and that voice tells Nikki to use her divine power to fight against evil. Nikki screams and spreads her hands. Kapalika gets attacked in this process and she gets burnt. They falls down. Kapalika tries to escape from there because she could not able to use her power. Nikki tries to catch Kapalika. Sumitra hears a voice from old palace and she sends Bhavani singh to check Rachna.

In the upcoming episode, Rachna will run away from Malik and she will scream for help. She will be fall in the cliff but one woman saves Rachna.

What that woman is doing in Bhurangrah?

What happened to Kapalika?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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