Shaitani Rasmein: Will Chaya drink Nikki’s blood as punishment?

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In the Star Bharat show Shaitani Rasmein, Nikki will try to save Suguna but Chaya will catch Nikki and decide to punish Nikki. What punishment Chaya will give to Nikki?To learn more check out below.

In the current episode, Saudamini helps Chaya to get ready and she compliments Chaya. Chaya compels Vikram and Pratik to compliment her. She goes for palace tour with Vikram and she chooses a room for her. She gets surprised seeing fan. She thinks that it was unfair because slaves enjoyed luxurious life and she was struggling in the desert. She decides to enjoy the luxurious life.

Nikki says Chaya did wrong with Sumitra and asks Piyush that why they are not doing anything. Piyush tells Nikki that they are helpless. Pratik tells Nikki that Chaya is there because the latter attacked Kapalika.

Nikki tells Piyush that Pratik was right because she is responsible for this mess. She says that she can’t tolerate Sumitra and Vikram’s insult. Suguna asks Sumitra to do something to oust Chaya out of the palace. Chaya hears this and attacks Suguna. She orders everyone to go inside and she drinks Suguna’s blood. She says that she won’t kill Suguna. She thinks that Suguna blood don’t give her strength.

In the upcoming episode, Nikki will tell Piyush that they have to save Suguna. She will go and try to save Suguna. Chaya will see this and she will say that she heard about Nikki’s oversmartness from Malik. And she will tie Nikki with her hair.

What Nikki will do next?

How Gehlots will react?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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