Shaitani Rasmein: Will Chaya fell in Nikki’s trap?

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In the Star Bharat show Shaitani Rasmein, who will be Chaya’s next target. Will Chaya target anyone from Gehlots? To learn more check out below.

In the current episode, Vikram blames Nikki for Bhavani singh and Suguna condition. He says that they are getting punished for Nikki’s mistakes. Nikki apologizes to him. He requests her to not do anything because they are in hell already. Chaya orders them to clean the palace instead of wasting time in gossiping. Gehlots cleans the palace. Chaya kicks Vikram for not doing her leg massage properly. She orders Pratik to do it.

Nikki feels bad seeing Gehlots working like servants and she cries. She thinks that even Piyush is not talking to her because he is angry at her. She remembers that her blood is her weapon and she decides to use it against Chaya. She murmurs that she can’t attact Chaya directly and decides to make sure Chaya approach her.

Later, Chaya drags servant who was sleeping. Next day, Gehlots sees blood in the hall and they follows the blood path and reaches Chaya’s room. They finds servant’s dead body on the floor and bed is filled with blood. Chaya asks them to get habituated to see this because she started hunting and laughs.

In the upcoming episode, Nikki will tell herself that her family is suffering because of her and Chaya crossed all the limits so she won’t let Chaya torture her family. Chaya will warn Nikki. She will say that Nikki can’t leave.

What is Nikki’s plan?

Will Nikki trick Chaya?

seesAll these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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