Shaitani Rasmein: Will Kapalraj test Nikki?

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In the Star Bharat show Shaitani Rasmein, Nikki will go to forest to perform the ritual. Kapalraj will wait for Nikki. What will happen with Nikki in the forest?  To learn more check out below.

In the current track, Aarohi bleeds and screams in pain. Nikki gets worried about Aarohi. Piyush’s family blames Nikki for Aarohi’s condition. Suguna examines Aarohi and reveals Aarohi’s child is no more. She says that Aarohi’s life in danger still. Pratik says that they can’t even call the doctor. Possessed Aarohi strangulates Pratik for talking about doctor. She faints. Vikram asks Nikki to not show fake concern. Sumitra says that Nikki is responsible for Aarohi’s condition and Veronica’s death.

Later, Nikki cries recalling recent incidents. She blames herself for everything. She thinks that Piyush’s family is victim and she misunderstood them. She decides to perform all the rituals.

Aarohi’s mother Gayatri ties red thread on Aarohi’s hand. Aarohi gets calm down. Sumitra scolds Gayatri and removes the red thread. Malik asks Kapalika about Nikki’s blood. Kapalika tells him that Mohar ritual did not happen yet. She finds another way.

In the upcoming episode, Nikki will tell Sumitra that she is ready to perform all the rituals. Sumitra will give something to Nikki. Nikki will go to forest alone to perform the ritual. Meanwhile, Kapalika will tell Kapalraj about Nikki. Kapalraj will wait for Nikki in the forest.

What is Nikki’s new ritual?

What Kapalraj will do with Nikki?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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