ShaKhi fan fiction: Love or destiny| Chapter :1

Scene begins with one Marriage hall shown many people are entering into the hall to attend the wedding and bless the couples. Devi and Tej are busy in welcoming the people there. Bebo and Kitty are making fun with her friends in that mandap. Gayathri asks them to work at least today reasoning today is her brother marriage. Bebo and Kitty ignores her words unusual and keeps chitchatting with each other. Gayathri scolds them for being lazy. Devi comes there and supports Bebo and Kitty reasoning they are kids let’s them enjoy their brother’s marriage. Kanchan comes there and whisper to Gayathri it’s expected one. Devi leaves from there seeing her relatives.

Gayathri rolls her eyes at them. Kanchan adds that she fears soon to be bride will also reflects Devi in everything. Mean while they hears Devi praising her soon to be Daughter in law to all and takes the credit for choosing a better girl for her son. One of the relative questions her Is Shaurya her own son? Devi facial expression changed after hearing it. She comments she is treating him like her own son by saying this she leaves from there. Another one comments that Devi kicked out Shaurya’s mother Astha from this house and pretends to be a mother of Shaurya everyone know this secret but Shaurya is not believing anyone words. He is a pet of Devi it seems. Even Devi chose this Shagun for Shaurya hope she will be a good wife if Shaurya instead of following Devi in everything.

Priest asks the family members to bring Groom to Mandap. Tej signals to Yash he nods and goes to Shaurya room. He is busy in talking with someone in phone. Yash says to him today is his marriage why is he busy in talking with phone. He praises Shaurya’s look and takes him to Mandap. Everyone feels happy to see him there in groom attire. Shaurya falls on Devi and Tej feels to get blessing then he falls on his father Shaan feets. He blessed him happily. Shaurya sits on mandap and greets his relatives. He chants the mantras along with priest. Shaan waits to see one person impatiently. He notices one lady is standing far from crowd covering her face with veil. Shaan smiles happily seeing that lady and mutters Astha. He feels happy to see his wife in his son marriage. She would have stands in front to lead this marriage but destiny made her stand far like a stranger.

Priest asks them to bring bride there. Kanchan about to leave but Bebo and Kitty stops her and rushes to bring Shagun to mandap. Just then they comes running there and informs to Devi she is missing in her room. Everyone gets shock to hear it. Devi asks them to search her everywhere there is no chance Shagun went missing from Mandap. Shaurya stares them in confusion. Kitty gives a letter to them. Kanchan reads it louder. Letter saying Shagun got a chance to study in Oxford university so she don’t wanna miss this chance. Her carrier is important to her then this marriage. She adds that her parents forced her to marry Shaurya so she is eloping from this Mandap to save her carrier. Shaurya gets angry to hear it and throws away the garland.

Devi starts crying there. Shaan don’t know what to do now? He notices Astha calling him. He rushes towards her and comes back in few minutes. Shaan hears all relatives are badmouthing Devi for choosing a girl like Shagun to Shaurya. Shaurya stares Devi in disappointed way. He neither speaks with her nor shouted on her. Shaurya simply stands from the mandap and about to leave Shaan stops him. Shaan informs to all this marriage will definitely happen. Everyone stares him in confusion. Shaan questions Shaurya Is he believes him? He nods. He walks into the crowd and brings one girl to stage. He announces to all she is Anokhi my daughter in law. Everyone stares Anokhi in different expression? Kanchan and Gayathri smiles seeing her meanwhile Devi and Tej fumes. Devi questions Shaan how could he select this girl for her son Shaurya? Shaan says Anokhi is thousand times better then Shagun. She is his selection between he don’t find any flaws in Anokhi. She is a better partner to Shaurya. He is sitting there in silent. Tej questions Shaan how could he take decision in his own he is elder in this family. Shaan says he proved it with his selection too. Its not time to argue he asks Shaurya to take a decision. Shaurya notices Anokhi who is bending her head down. He agrees to marry her. Kanchan and Gayathri smiles to hear it. Meanwhile Devi and Tej gets disappointed to hear it.
After few minutes Kanchan brings Anokhi to mandap wearing bridal dress. She sits beside Shaurya and starts doing the rituals. Finally Shaurya ties the knot with Anokhi and fills her hairline with Vermilion.

Screen froze.

What will happen next? How comes Anokhi agreed to marry Shaurya? Is Anokhi hiding anything? How comes Anokhi enters into Shaurya house? All these questions will be answered in next episode stay tuned with our space for more updates.

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