Shakhi fan fiction : Love or destiny| Chapter : 6

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Spoiler: Shaurya teaches Anokhi western dance form
Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Spoiler: Shaurya teaches Anokhi western dance form

Scene begins in Kanchan asks Anokhi and Shaurya to wait until she prepares for next rituals. They nods to her. Devi gets irritate to see him still carrying Anokhi in his hand. She signals to Gayathri in the fear he will scold her. Gayathri comments to him no one will snatch his wife from him so place her down. Anokhi’s cheek turns red hearing it. Shaurya makes her sit on sofa safely and stands beside her. Seeing him standing she too stands beside him. He understands her thoughts and sits beside her. He gets a call from his friend so he excuses Anokhi and leaves from there to attend the call. Anokhi is staring Shaurya and thinks she never think she would be his wife one day? Not even the moment she has crush on him?

She slowly drift into her past.

Shaan takes Anokhi to home making everyone surprised. Only Shaurya comes there and questions her how is she doing? Anokhi smiles at him. Her heart beats raised seeing him that much closer to her. Devi and Tej comes there and questions Shaan who is she? Shaan explains to them that his car hitten her yesterday. Because of him her head was injured. Devi pretends like enquiring her health state. He questions him why did he took this girl here? Shaan lies to them that this girl lost her memories of her particular time period. She only remembers her name or nothing else. Even police came to register a complaint but she saved him from that police. He feels like she is his responsibility now. Shaurya stands there in confusion. Devi questions him how will she allow this young girl to stay in this house when Sharuya is here? Shaan questions her Is it a big deal? Doesn’t Bebo and Kitty are staying here? These three are in their same age. She will only stay here till she get back her memory that’s it. Shaurya understands Shaan signaling something to him so he convinced Devi and gives permission to Anokhi to stay in that house.

Shaurya Confronts Shaan why did he lied to everyone that she is a memory loss patient? Shaan tells him that he said a half truth and half lie. He says to him that Anokhi forgets the day before incident which means yesterday incident thoroughly. That’s why police asked him to protect her misunderstanding she is a memory loss patient. He adds that Anokhi is a bright student she loves to study he heard it from her guardian that some peoples are troubling her in village. How will she survive there? If they allow her to study well then she will get a great future. That gardian gets promise from him to cover up her personal details for the safety. Shaurya agrees to help her hearing her story. Shaan thank him for helping him out.

Shaurya asks Kanchan to show Anokhi’s room for her. Kanchan and Gayathri takes Anokhi from there and enquires to her about her details. She reminds Astha words and Shaan advise to don’t reveal anything to her so she nods negatively. Gayathri and Kanchan shows pity on her. Bebo and Kitty comes there and scans her like she came from another world. From the sight of them Anokhi understands they don’t like her at all.

Kanchan touches Anokhi she comes back to her present. She notices still Shaurya is talking In phone. Gayathri asks him to talk in phone later and concentrate on rituals. He comes back and apologies to her.

Screen froze

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