Shakhi fan fiction: Love or Destiny| Chapter 8

Scene begins in Anokhi about to assure Shaurya that no one is in her heart when him. Shaurya stops her and tells her that he don’t care about her past at all but he asks her to be genuine to him from this moment. He says to her clearly that he was already broken because of Devi so he is not mentally prepared to face another one. Anokhi takes a deep breath and says to him she is always genuine with him. She starts writes something In notepad and places it inside the box. She gives that box to Shaurya and tells him my past and secret is safe in his hand now. She don’t have anything to hide from him then this. Shaurya about to open it but she stops him. Anokhi says to him he can open it and read it when he lost the trust on her? Shaurya stares her in suspicious way and pretends like opening it. Anokhi gets ready to face the worst. But for her surprise he locks the box inside the safe locker.

Now it’s safe inside it he tells her winking. Anokhi gives a mesmerizing smile to him in return. Anokhi about to take pillow and bed sheet to sleep down but Shaurya stops her. He says to her no need to sleep down she can sleep on bed he won’t cross his limits. He tells her that he will sleep on right side she can use left side. Anokhi says to him that she trust him but not her. Shaurya stares her in mischievious way. Anokhi correct her word by saying she meant to say she used to roll on bed and put leg on pillow that’s why. He starts to laugh hearing it. Anokhi pouts seeing it. He signals to her how will she roll Anokhi bites her lips and stares him. Shaurya says to her he is kidding he don’t mind. Anokhi questions him Is he sure? He nods to her maintaining the smile. Anokhi says good night to him and go to her place. He says good night to her and moves to the balcony.

Bebo and Kitty are eavesdropping their conversation but they didn’t hear anything properly then their laugh. Kitty tells to Bebo that Anokhi seduced her brother in one day. Bebo says to her nothing to worry let’s ruin her image in front of brother then he won’t look to her side. Devi is also standing there seeing the kids she shares some plan to them. Shaurya is staring the moon and sky. He thinks that his life changed in one day. He never thought Anokhi will be his wife. He stares Anokhi whom sleeping in tired.

After few minutes Shaurya comes to bed and covers Anokhi with bedsheet and lays beside her lost in his thoughts. He drifts into sleep. Next day morning Anokhi is still sleeping in her bed. Someone tries to wake her up. She opens her eyes little and starts to sleep again holding that person hand. Shaurya smiles seeing her kiddish behaviour. He reminds how did she rolled on him and put her leg on him at night. He laughs silent. She comes back to the earth and apologies to him. He asks her to go and fresh up. He leaves from there to meet his friend. Devi enters into the room after he left.

Screen froze.

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