Shakhi fan fiction : Love or destiny| Chapter:7

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Spoiler: Shaurya teaches Anokhi western dance form
Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Spoiler: Shaurya teaches Anokhi western dance form

Scene begins with Gayathri places the milk bowl in front of the couples and take the ring from it. She tells them whom taking the ring will rule the partner. Devi gets irritate to hear it. She can’t able to imagine Anokhi as Shaurya’s wife. She thinks in her mind that she will kick her out soon from this house after find out her identity. Anokhi and Shaurya starts searching for the ring. Shaurya takes the ring Anokhi smiles to him. Devi says proudly that no one borned to lose in this house. She shows her proud smile to Anokhi she just smiles back in accepting way. Shaurya makes Anokhi wear the ring reasoning she deserves this. She never expected this from him. Devi tells him he shouldn’t give up his victory for others. Shaurya stares her and says Anokhi whom placed this ring in his hand which means she wishes to see Shaurya winning in everything. But what are trying to teach me now badi maa? Is Anokhi third person to you? She is my wife he said bit loudly to make them clear she should not treat her like third person hereafter. Devi didn’t expected this from him she thinks that Shaurya changed after married to Anokhi. What magic she cast on him?

Anokhi feels happy to hear him mentioning her as wife in front of all. She thank him through her eyes he gives a assurance smile to her back. Devi leaves from there Babo and Kitty follows her. Gayathri and Kanchan loves the way Shaurya stands for Anokhi. After the rituals Shaan meets Shaurya alone. He apologise to him for taking decisions in his life without his permission. Shaurya says to him that he never give any chance to his dad to do good things in his life because he is loving Astha. But today he accepted his decision because he personally feels Anokhi is a good girl. He is believing his father can’t able to cheat him like others. Shaan hugs him in happiness and feels little emotional too. He thinks if Shaurya understands his mom too then no problem left in their life. Shaurya assures to him nothing to worry he will try to treat Anokhi well in this house. He asks him to fulfill her dreams as her husband. Her passion is up study well and achieving something in her life. Before she don’t have enough identity to join in college but she can study in their college as his wife. He can use his identity to help her pursue her dream. Shaurya says to him he will talk with the management but he needs her mark sheet and academic peroname to give a seat to her. He assures to him that he will collect it for him.

It’s night time Anokhi is ready in her room after wearing beautiful lehanga. It’s their first night day. Shaurya enters inside and locks the room. Anokhi’s heart beats raised. She has no idea how to say him she is not ready to do these things. For her surprise Shaurya starts his conversation with her. He tells her that he is not mentally or physically prepared to do this rituals so let’s skip this. He needs time to forget the betrayal and accepts Anokhi thoroughly. He adds to her that he knew well she wanna pursue her dream he will definitely help her to tl her hand from him. He says to her that he should not ask this question to her but he just wanna confirm it. Is someone in her heart? Anokhi didn’t expected this question from him. She questions him back what’s his guess? He stares her from top to bottom and says seeing her attittude and beauty may she has lots of boyfriend. Anokhi opens her mouth in shock. Do she look like having lots of boyfriend. She starts chasing him he apologise to her and says he meant to say many proposed her and may she has boy friend too. Anokhi glares him and says no one dared to propose her because of her. She pause seeing him. Shaurya looks at her in confusion. Anokhi assures to him that no one in her heart.

Screen froze

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