Shakhi fanfiction: Love or Destiny| Chapter 11

Scene begins with Shaurya says to Devi that she intentionally bring this rituals name to insult her. Devi starts her emotional drama to make him believe that she is trying to change her to a good partner to him. Shaurya says to her that she is working a lot. He questions her will she can able to manage the collage behalf of her husband. Is her husband can able to cook for us? Devi questions him what non sense he is talking? Is he lost his brain? He apologise to her for bringing their name he asks her to send Bebo and kitty to cook chappathi to all. Bebo and Kitty says they don’t know to cook. Devi says they are studying now she will teach them when they are getting married. Shaurya laughs at her. He questions her doesn’t Anokhi is in same age of them. She is also a student. How Devi is pampering then the way her mom to pampered Anokhi that’s why she don’t know to cook. She married to him in unexpected situation so she is not mentally prepared to enter into this married life. It’s all happening because of her selection he points at Devi. She has no words to reply him. Anokhi just staring Shaurya in open mouth. She thinks that this guy stealing her heart in all moments. Shaurya says to Devi strictly they have enough servant to cook here so stop giving pressure to Anokhi to learn cooking. She is his wife so everyone must give the respect to her which he has in that house. Devi stands there in silent.

Shaurya says to Devi’s husband that he gonna give admission to Anokhi in their college. Bebo and Kitty dislikes it. Anokhi’s happiness having no bounds. Shaan smiles seeing Anokhi. Devi’s husband says that she don’t have enough certificate to join here. Shaurya says that he has her Transfer certificate that’s enough. He tells him that they needs parents permission. He stops him that he is her guardian. He can support her as her husband. Devi says to him that she will accept this only if she has good grade in her academic year. Shaurya takes his mobile and shows Anokhi’s grade to them. Shaan appreciates Anokhi’s grade in front of all. Bebo gets irritate to see it. She comments that she studied in village so its tough for her to competition with her. Shaurya says it’s her problem what’s bothering her? Stop talking nonsense and concentrate on her studies. He asks her to be a better competition to her instead of talking like this. Kitty says she can’t able to beat Bebo’s grade at all. Shaurya asks her to clear her Arrier first. He holds Anokhi’s hand and takes her out leaving everyone behind.

Devi stares her husband he signals her back in consoling way. Bebo says to Kitty she gonna study with them right? Let’s see how she gonna study there. She gonna face hell there. May brother can shout on them in house but not in college. Whatever happens in college it’s students matter. She winks at her sister. Both gives hi-fi. Shaurya sits in driver seat. Anokhi is staring him without blinking he questions her what happened? She shakes her head smiling and thank him. He smiles back to her. He asks her to put seat belt but she didn’t do it properly seeing him. He comes close to her to put it. She feels her body shivering in his closeness. He stares her very closely she feels like her heart about to blast in his closeness.

Screen froze

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