Shakhi fanfiction: Love or Destiny| Chapter 9

Scene begins in Devi enters into her room after Shaurya left from there. Devi looks around the room and checks the bed through her eyes. She find out something strange there. Devi notices the bed sheets is messed up resembling something happened between Shaurya and Anokhi. She doubts how come Shaurya accepted her as his wife? She never thought he will give wife rights to Anokhi. But she is unaware of the truth Anokhi whom messed up the bed sheets like that while rolling here and there. Devi glares at Anokhi. She says to her its not a good habit to wake up at 6. All woman’s should wake up at 4. Doesn’t her mother taught anything to her? She questions Anokhi. She tells her that she used to get up early to prepare for her exams but yesterday she didn’t slept well. She adds that she is pretty tired her body is aching. She said it casually but Devi thought something else. She confirmed something happened between Anokhi and Shaurya at night. Devi gives a fake cough to her and asks her to prepare well for her first rasoi. She questions her what’s that? Devi scolds her doesn’t she know about it? Didn’t her mother teach anything to her? Anokhi pouts at her.

Kanchan comes there and stands beside her. She says to her its nothing much Anokhi but raosi. It means she wanna cook sweets and break fast for her husband family and get prize from all. Anokhi blinks at her and says to them she don’t know to cook anything. Devi again starts her scolding section. Anokhi literally feels like she is repeating the same dialogue. Kanchan signals something to her she nods to her and tells her she will cook. Devi glares her and leaves. Anokhi rushes inside the washroom to get ready. Kanchan comes there taking new clothes for her. She says to Anokhi that she placed Sarie for her in bed and leaves from there when Gayathri calls her. Anokhi comes out and takes the sarie in her hand. She thinks that she is dead because she don’t know how to wrap the sarie. She used to live in village but she rarely wear sarie. Mom used to help her to wrap it. She takes the edge of the sarie and blinks. Shaurya opens the door and turns back apologizing to her.

Anokhi leaves the dhuppatta seeing him. Then she uses it to cover her body. She feels embarrassed there. She asks him to call Kanchan there reasoning she don’t know to wear the sarie. He tells her if she don’t know to wear it no need to wear it. She can wear the comfortable clothes here. Anokhi thank him. He asks her to check the wardrobe to find the clothes. He leaves from there closing the door. Anokhi comes out after dressed up beautifully. She about to enter the kitchen but Devi stopped her. She scolds her for wearing kurti.

Kanchan questions her why didn’t she wear the sarie? She informs to her that she don’t know to wear it. Devi questions her If she don’t know anything why did she married to her son Shaurya to give head ache to all? Amokhi bends her head. Kanchan tells her its not a big deal she can learn how to wear sarie in two days. Shaurya comes there and questions her what’s the need of it? She don’t like to wear it then why is she trying to force her to wear it? Devi hesitates to speak and tells him its traditional thing. He questions her whom following this tradition here? Doesn’t she talked this much? Shall he questions her one thing? Is Bebo or kitty know to wear the sarie? Kanchan starts laughing and nods negatively. He sigh and tells her same goes to Anokhi. Devi tells him she will teach them when they are gonna marry. He says to her its an unexpected marriage so Anokhi needs time to adjust everything here. He leaves from there to attend the call. Anokhi is keep staring him holding her chest. He is stealing her heart often. Devi lost her face there. Kanchan here immense pleasure after seeing this all.

Screen froze.

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