ShaKhi FF Her Selfless Love: Chapter 03


Anokhi met Shaurya in the college who came to give them a guest lecture and motivated them with his words. There she fell for him and now finally she is going to meet him. Even though Pallavi is worried for her, she don’t want to stop her from living her life. Life never gave them a chance to live their childhood and now when they are finally free and have enough money and a part-time job to live happily, she don’t want to stop her from live her life to her fullest as she knows that even anokhi will support her if she wants to do anything moreover it feels good to see the only person who cares for you happy and excited.

After washing the plates, they both left to their college “Space Arts And Science” both Pallavi and Anokhi are in arts group. They both were able to get a scholarship in the college. They looked around the college and saw girls with dresses that barely reached their knees looking stylish and men looking all rich and good in their stylish outfits. Seeing all this Pallavi who is standing beside anokhi said “We are not fit for this college baby” Anokhi who also felt the same said “We are fit for this college but not for this students. There is huge difference between both. We are there for eachother. Stop thinking too much Pallu. Don’t think too much. Let’s go to principal room.” They both are going to the principal room while all the students are giving them weird looks as they both are looking totally different from them and talking among themselves. Some even called them behenjis which made Pallavi sad.

She looked at anokhi who is looking confident. Anokhi gave one look to Pallavi and then walking ahead said “We will show them what we are, with our marks. Use this memory to determine yourself pallu, not to discourage yourself or to feel bad” Pallavi nods as she is confident about their intelligence and smartness when it comes to studies. They may not be rich but they are intelligent and smart for sure. While anokhi continued “It’s not like we are depending on others like these beats, we are here on our own. We are independent and strong hence we are much more better than them and they don’t stand anything infront of us” Pallavi finally smiles happily as this gave her the motivation and confident that she needed and says excitedly “Of Course, they don’t stand infront of us. I can’t believe I was scared and worried because of these rats. You are right baby. I overthink and over worry sometimes. I will be strong and confident enough from now on so that I can show them who is the boss” Anokhi and Pallavi smirk at eachother. They have faced enough in the world and that now all these seems nothing infront of them. They both have lived without parents for 15 years and struggled a lot. This is nothing infront of their struggles and they also got a chance to prove that even an orphan can live upto their terms and also can lead the life they want. They went and sat on the bed near principal’s office as the principal still didn’t come. Anokhi is excited to meet Shaurya as she knows he is a very sweet person and she have met him once. Hopefully he will remember her today. She is smiling happily to herself while Pallavi shook her head smilingly at her love sick friend.

They were sitting there when principal comes there and looks at them. He goes inside the office gesturing them both to come inside. He sat on the chair and they both ask his permission to enter inside. Principal allows and after entering inside they both give him their details and about the scholarship. The principal is impressed with both the girls and smiles at them. He asks them to wait there as he is going to call their class teacher who will introduce them to the class. Principal calls the teacher and after it is lifted he says “Shaurya please come to my office” Anokhi and Pallavi look at principal both shocked and excited.