ShaKhi FF: Her Selfless Love| Chapter 11

Shaurya’s anger touches the sky for anokhi’s stupidity and shouts her name in anger “Anokhi”.. Anokhi jerks from her trance and stands up in fear. His shout created havoc inside her and she is shaking with fear. She wasn’t expecting for him to call her name that angrily and she don’t really understand as to why he is shouting her name. She looks at Pallavi not understanding the situation. Pallavi ignores her and looks at Shaurya as well. Anokhi is hurt with her this behaviour. She may be angry with her but that doesn’t mean she should be leaving her alone in this situation without giving her the idea of what happened.

Anokhi looks at Shaurya with fear who is looking at her with anger and asks him “What happened Sir? What did I do?”

Shaurya says in anger and disgust “What did you do? You were looking at no where day dreaming in class, smiling like a fool. Are you here to day dream? Were you day dreaming about your Prince coming on a white horse and steal you away from this mortal world and take you to that immortal and fantasy world. If so, You can day dream at your house. You don’t need to come to college to day dream”

Anokhi gets tears in her eyes with the humiliation. The whole class breaks into laughter. Pallavi feels bad for anokhi but stays quite as she thought that this is needed to bring Anokhi from her fantasy world.. She knows that it is not a right way to bring her out of her fantasy world but only Shaurya can do that. She can never bring her out of her fantasy world which she built around herself forgetting the real and outer world. She still felt bad for her but assured herself saying that it is for her own good. Anokhi is stubborn when it comes to such fantasies of hers and she behaves like a fool even if someone tries to bring her out of her stupid fantasy world. Anokhi again looks at Pallavi who is looking at her with nothing. She is totally expressionless but still the friend in her gave away her expression in her eyes which said “It is good for your own” this angered anokhi and she looked at her with anger.

Shaurya who saw her looking at Pallavi with anger shouts at Anokhi as he has noticed that Pallavi is a very amazing friend one crave to have but this stupid stubborn girl is not noticing her importance “Get out from my class anokhi. I don’t want stupid girls who live in their fantasy world in my classes” Anokhi looks at Pallavi in anger and then looks at Shaurya with tears in her eyes. Anokhi leaves from the class taking her books and bag. Shaurya continues the class and Pallavi not wanting the same fate for herself focuses on the class listening to him carefully even though her heart craved to go to anokhi and look after her. The class gets over. Shaurya waits for Pallavi and waits for the whole class to leave.

Shaurya asking Pallavi to stop tells her “Pallavi you are a very good friend and I can see that. I know you were worried for her in the class but please remember one thing that girl over there is a little selfish and doesn’t deserve your thoughts and care. I don’t know whether you can see it or not but whatever she does is for herself and she doesn’t care whether it hurts you even if you are thinking for her own good so please focus on your studies as well so that it can help you in future. You are an orphan and you have maturity like me. Don’t neglect your studies for anyone” Pallavi remembers how anokhi always chose other things over her and hurted her all the time. Pallavi nods at him and Shaurya pats her on her head and leaves from there. Pallavi keeps looking at shaurya’s disappearing figure with a smile. She is about to leave from the class when anokhi comes tnere and pushes her inside the class stopping her from leaving the class. Anokhi looks at Pallavi in anger while she looks at her in confusion.

To Be Continued..

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