Shakhi FF: Her Selfless Love| Chapter 13

Anokhi thinks about it and it’s always Pallavi protecting her while she always left her in trouble but still she is not ready to accept it because of her ego and her ego got hurt again with her word and she tells her in anger “It’s all happened because of you. You are a disgusting person. You would have saved me but instead you left me to be humiliated and hurt but still you disgusting creature has got guts to question me. You are in a spree to trap both ahil and Shaurya. I can see it. I have seen it. You behave all good infront of ahil capturing his attention and you behave all perfect and selfless infront of Shaurya trapping him as well. Such a b..” She is about to say more when Pallavi slaps her in anger. Tears fall from her eyes and this slap also brings anokhi into her senses. Anokhi instantly regrets her words seeing tears in her eyes.

Pallavi fists her hand closing her eyes while tears flowed from her closed eye lids. Pallavi opens her eyes which has now become red and shouts at her “Do you even understand what you are saying in your anger anokhi. You have lost it. I have waited for you to change but now I understood that a person like you will never change hence it is better for me to leave you on your way. You have accused me even when I am thinking solely about you and your happiness. I will never forgive you for the way you have humiliated me anokhi. Today I am telling you, we are finally over. There is no friendship or anything anymore” saying si Pallavi is about to leave but stops at her place and tells her turning back to her “I am just suggesting you this. Be selfless if you wants to get your love. Come out of your fantasies and see the real world if you want to attain your love. If not then you will be left with nothing. Your ego, your childishness and your anger will snatch everything away from you. The day you learn to be selfless, that day you will get every happiness in this world” She leaves from there after giving her the suggestion but stops near the entrance of their class and tells her “I am not in a spree to trap anyone like you are in a spree to trap Shaurya anokhi. Trust me I agreed to study in this college just because of you otherwise I would have never. Shaurya sir may be a lover for you but for me he is nothing but my mentor, my professor and a brother. The moment he patted my head I saw a brother in him unlike you. There is everything wrong in the way you see things anokhi. Now you know who is the b here. First learn to see things the right way anokhi then you will be peaceful in your life” Saying so Pallavi leaves from there.

Anokhi with tears in her eyes turns around to see Shaurya standing there and gets shocked seeing him staring at her. He comes closer to her and tells her “Think about what Pallavi said anokhi. Life is hard. If you want to attain things in your life get out of your fantasy world. Stop being selfish. Stop thinking only about yourself. Think about people around you as well. Think about those who cares for you and loves you. Get out of your fantasies and focus on your studies. Pallavi is your friend, she cared for you and loved you but you always took her for granted. First start caring and respecting people who love and respect you instead of hurting them and humiliating them by calling names. If you were my daughter or my sister then I would have slapped you by now for the way you have behaved with an amazing person like Pallavi but a person like you by God’s grace has no family. Even if you had one you would not have respected them and would have hurted them with your words and actions. If you stay this way for long then trust me you will lose everything precious in this world and stay alone forever. Change yourself” saying so Shaurya leaves from there giving her a disgusted look.

To Be Continued..

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