Shakhi FF| Her Selfless Love: Chapter 14

Anokhi with tears in her eyes turns around to see Shaurya standing there and gets shocked seeing him staring at her. He comes closer to her and tells her “Think about what Pallavi said anokhi. Life is hard. If you want to attain things in your life get out of your fantasy world. Stop being selfish. Stop thinking only about yourself. Think about people around you as well. Think about those who cares for you and loves you. Get out of your fantasies and focus on your studies. Pallavi is your friend, she cared for you and loved you but you always took her for granted. First start caring and respecting people who love and respect you instead of hurting them and humiliating them by calling names. If you were my daughter or my sister then I would have slapped you by now for the way you have behaved with an amazing person like Pallavi but a person like you by God’s grace has no family. Even if you had one you would not have respected them and would have hurted them with your words and actions. If you stay this way for long then trust me you will lose everything precious in this world and stay alone forever. Change yourself” saying so Shaurya leaves from there giving her a disgusted and disappointed look.

Anokhi is broken with the way he looked at her. Anokhi takes her bag and walks out of the class. She sits under a tree and goes into deep thoughts thinking about what just happened. She remembers Pallavi’s words and her tears. She has soo much in her heart about her behaviour but neber objected. She has always hurted her being ungrateful to her but she never questioned. Today she did because she crossed all her limits with her words. Anokhi keeps her hand over her cheek and breaks down into tears. Pallavi has slapped her for the first time otherwise she always took care of her and her needs. Anokhi finally realises how stupid she has been after remembering Shaurya’s words. It’s not always about looks at impress others. We can just be us and impress others, infact we don’t jeed to impress anyone. She felt stupid for losing Pallavi for her love for Shaurya. She remembers how he has asked her to be selfless instead of being selfish and she cries. She was soo selfish that even a man who has met her only two times in his life has saw her selfishness. She cries hard. She is crying hiding her face in her hands when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She lifts her head to see Pallavi standing before her. She hugs her and breaks down. Pallavi hugs her back and caresses her hair.

Pallavi has come back because she wasn’t able to leave her alone like that. She felt guilty for slapping her like that. She never wanted to slap her but she was angry and disgusted with the way she accused her and humiliated her. She was broken knowing that her friend could think soo low of her. She was always like that and she would always hurt her. Now She remembers something. Anokhi has always been like this. She always showed her anger and hurted her but she still came back to her to console her and apologise to her. Even Pallavi was always calm but this time she lost it and ended up hurting her. She still don’t understand as to what came up on her that she hurted her and behaved that way with her.

Pallavi understood all the new changes in their lives are affecting them hence they need to give some peace to their minds and give time to themselves. Pallavi hugs her as Anokhi keeps apologising to her. She keeps assuring a weeping anokhi that she won’t leave her and she has forgiven her. She keeps assuring her that they are still friends. Anokhi keeps crying in her arms like a child does in her mother’s arms. Pallavi feels bad for her. Anokhi is happy as Pallavi has returned back to her. She now feels how selfish she has been and how selfless Pallavi is. Anokhi decides to be selfless without losing her ownself.

To Be Continued..

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