ShaKhi FF| Her Selfless Love: Chapter 22

It’s the time for Lunch. Pallavi and Anokhi go to the canteen carrying their tiffin boxes and sit on a table near by. Ahil who has come there with his friends goes to them and sits beside Pallavi. Pallavi and Anokhi look at him startled with his sudden entry.

Ahil looks at their shocked faces abd tells them “What yaar? I am your friend and you both shouldn’t be this startled with my entry here” Anokhi and Pallavi give him a small smile. He sees they are having Chapati with fenugreek leaves curry and asks them “I love this curry a lot and My Mom makes this for me” Pallavi gives him the cap of the box and serving him a little curry in it, she gives him the chapati. He has the chapati without even denying it. Anokhi suppresses her laugh at his behaviour. Anokhi wanting to make him more happy asks him “How is the taste Ahil”

Ahil looks at her and tells her “It is very tasty Anokhi. Loved it” Pallavi smiles hearing him.

Anokhi tells him “It is supposed to be tasty Ahil. My best friend Pallavi has made it” Ahil looks at Pallavi hearing it. He suppresses his happy smile as he has for the first time got to eat the food prepared by Pallavi and that too soo tasty. Anokhi can see the happiness and she feels glad for the respect he has for her and how much he admires her. Ahil leaves from there after having the chapati as his friend has called him. Anokhi has liked his attitude, he is really a nice person and doesn’t have pride or ego. Even Pallavi is impressed with his attitude and easy going nature.

They both go to the class after having their lunch and listen to all the classes with concentration without missing anything. Pallavi is impressed with her this change but is also shocked as to how did she change soo much just in a day. She has decided to ask her about it once the class is over.

Pallavi and Anokhi are walking out of the college but Shaurya comes from the other side. Anokhi didn’t notice him as she was discussing something with Pallavi. Pallavi didn’t see him either. Anokhi dashes into Shaurya and falls in his arms. He holds her in his arms by her waist. They both look into each other’s eyes for a moment but turn their eyes away the next moment. Shaurya makes her stand and pushes her away. Anokhi and Pallavi look at him. Only few people are left there in the college. And all of them are busy in their own. No one has seen them except for Pallavi. Pallavi is happening that Anokhi got this moment but the very next second her happiness vanishes as Shaurya shouts at Anokhi “Where the hell were you looking while walking miss? Can’t you see the professor coming from your other side? Why the hell do you always get lost in a dream land? Can’t you just focus? Why are you even here at first place if you can’t focus or watch out?”

Anokhi is shocked and scared with his sudden outburst. She didn’t know why he is getting personal with her over this thing. She apologies to him “I am sorry sir. I was thinking something and I didn’t see you coming. I am sorry sir”

Shaurya looks at her with disgust shaking his head at her “That’s what I was saying Anokhi. You always get lost in your thoughts and get lost in your so called dream land. You never see things. I am disgusted to have such a student in my class”

Anokhi asks him with tears “Sir why are you saying all these? I didn’t do it intentionally. I swear sir”

Shaurya says with hatred “I am saying all these things because you deserve it Anokhi. You deserve every thing I am saying to you on your face”

Before he can continue, Pallavi cuts him in between and tells him “She don’t deserve it sir. No one deserves it. All I can see is you getting personal over a petty thing. It’s high time you change your mindset sir. It’s high time you stop hating your students personally sir. Learn to treat everyone equally” Saying so Pallavi leaves from there dragging Anokhi with her.

To Be Continued..

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