ShaKhi FF: Her Selfless Love| Chapter 26

Pallavi and Anokhi just had their dinner. They both are thinking about the same. Pallavi is blaming herself for Shaurya’s hatred towards Anokhi. She is feeling like she is the reason that he hates her. She looks at Anokhi who is sleeping on her side but then it felt like she is pretending to sleep. The sides of her eyes has the dried tears which makes her sad. If she wouldn’t have gotten angry at Anokhi then this wouldn’t have happened and he wouldn’t have hated her soo much. She closes her eyes upset. But in a way she is happy that Anokhi won’t act like a fool in love anymore.

Next Morning they both go to the college and as always Ahil drops them at the college. Anokhi is not interested in talking about Shaurya anymore after whatever he has said or she is just assuring herself that she is not interested but at that moment she chose to chose her self respect over him other wise she would become more cheap in his eyes. She is somewhere at mistake that he got personal with her and she is going to fix this mistake of hers. Ahil drops them at the college and they both give him a smile and go to their classes. As usual the classes starts. Shaurya in between the class looks at Anokhi but not for once she looks at his face. Shaurya feels bad for hurting her before. It’s true something in him dislikes her but that doesn’t mean he will hurt her on every chance he gets. He should respect her dedication towards her studies and the struggle she has gone through. But he failed to acknowledge it and has shouted at her. Somewhere in his heart, he knows he regrets every bit of it. But then he doesn’t want to accept it that he is wrong. He then looks at Pallavi who is concentrating on the class and he remembers her words. She is right, he is just her professor and nothing else. He should behave like one but he got personal and had humiliated her which is wrong in many levels. He as a mature and experienced person and professor decides to apologise to her keeping his disliking towards her aside. He decides to apologise to her after the class.

After the class, the students stand up to leave as it’s interval. Even Anokhi does. She is about to leave but Shaurya stops her “You wait Anokhi” Anokhi stands in her place. The students who were leaving thinks that he is going to lecture Anokhi and leaves from there. Pallavi is the only one standing with Anokhi. Shaurya looks at Pallavi to which Anokhi says “She will stay sir” Shaurya nods. If he has to apologise to her then he should apologise infront of Pallavi because he was not alone as well when he insulted her. Shaurya says to Anokhi “I got personal yesterday. That is not right. Like Pallavi said you are my student. I have no right to behave that way with you. I was no one. I was just a professor to you and I should watch out what I am saying. I should stop hurting people personally. I was very wrong in your case. I am sorry Anokhi. Forgive me. This won’t happen again. You will not get a chance to say anything to me or complain about me anymore. I am sorry” saying so Shaurya leaves from there. Anokhi looks at him and sheds tears. She has always loved him but she has never expected him to behave this way. She expected him to be lot of comforting and loving but instead he turned out to be one of the most cruel in her case. He has hated her for no reason. He has judged her in few minutes and has insulted her. He not for once thought how she would feel. Infact today also she didn’t see that concern or guilt in his eyes. All she felt was like he was apologising because he has no other way. He just apologised for the sake and she doesn’t want such apology. She wants to see the apology in his eyes instead of hearing it in words.

To Be Continued..

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