ShaKhi FF: Her Selfless Love| Chapter 30

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Spoiler: Shaurya teaches Anokhi western dance form
Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Spoiler: Shaurya teaches Anokhi western dance form

Ahil tells her “It’s because you never invited me inside your flat. You would always say bye and would leave. I am surprised that you are asking me today atleast. Other wise I lost my hopes about being invited into your house” Pallavi smiles awkwardly with his reply. Anokhi tells him “Pallavi is a little reserved. She never gets close to people just like that. She never invites anyone just like that. If she is inviting you now then it clearly means that she actually thinks of you as a good person” Anokhi gives him a smile. He asks her “Are you sure that she finds me a good person” Anokhi tells him “Hundred percent sure Ahil” Pallavi is getting embarrassed with their conversation. Can’t they have this conversation when she is not present with them. Ahil looks at Pallavi with a huge smile. Pallavi glares at Anokhi who just shrugs her shoulders as if nothing happened and leaves from there. Pallavi looks at Ahil who is looking at her with a huge smile. That huge happy smile on his face makes her smile as well. She leaves from there asking him to come inside.

Ahil looks at her disappearing figure and rubs the back of his neck with a huge smile playing on his lips. He goes inside the flat and looks around. It is a very small flat but they both managed to get a roof on their head and that’s what matters. Ahil sits on a plastic chair that they have kept for him. He smiles at Anokhi who smiles back at him teasingly. He raises his eye brows not understanding her teasing smile. He then blushes as he understood that she got to know about his attraction towards her. He turns his face away from her, hiding his face and takes the tea that Pallavi has brought for him. He sips the tea and looks at her with a smile. He compliments her “This is a very nice tea Pallavi. Loved it. I wish I can have it every day” Anokhi tells him with a teasing smile “You have have it everyday Ahil. You can come here every day” Pallavi knows what she is trying to do and smiles. Anokhi has always been excited for her. Ahil leaves from there after giving them both a smile. Anokhi pushes her shoulder with hers while Pallavi gives a lite slap on her cheek and goes to kitchen to start cooking.

Next morning they both go to the college as usual on Ahil’s car. Shaurya is coming from the other side which Anokhi didn’t see and steps on the slippery floor. She falls right over him and her lips touches his. Unfortunately the scene has been seen by most of the students in the class. Some of them record the video of them and share with each other because of which it gets viral. They both get up from the floor. Shaurya gives her a angry look and leaves from there while Ahil and Pallavi are shocked with whatever just happened infront of their eyes. They both look at Anokhi who has tears in her eyes as she notices the students staring at her. She runs away from there in embarrassment. Ahil and Pallavi rush behind her. Anokhi stops on the secluded road. She hugs Pallavi who keeps her hand on her shoulder and breaks down into tears. Ahil who was standing there feels bad for her. Till they reach the college the video has already become viral with everyone giving her strange looks. Shaurya comes into the class and few of the spoilt brat students whistles which makes him furious and he shouts at them to shut. He gives a furious look to Anokhi and leaves from there.

The video has become viral all over the place. Most of them are teasing Anokhi over the video which breaks her down. Few days passes like this. Anokhi has lost all her courage with all the looks and teasings she was getting constantly. A peon comes there and tells her that the principal is calling her. Anokhi nods and goes behind him. She enters his office to see Shaurya standing infront of him.

To Be Continued..

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