ShaKhi FF| Her Selfless Love: Chapter 31

Anokhi enters the office and sees Shaurya standing infront of her. She bends her head low and goes near them. The principal looks at her with sympathy and tells her “What I am going to tell you may make you think that I am silly but then I am just thinking as a father of yours and asking you to do this so that I can save you from the humiliation dear” Anokhi looks at him not understanding. He tells her “You marry my son in law Shaurya” Anokhi looks at him shocked hearing him. She looks at Shaurya who has no expression on his face. He tells her “I know you are shocked and you may not really want to do this but dear trust me I am saying this for your own good. We are living in India and here the video will never be forgotten. If you both get married then the rumours will go down and you both will get peace from them” Anokhi shakes her head in no with tears falling from her eyes. She tells him “I don’t want to get married to anyone because of the rumours or the people bullying me. I know what I am. If I get married like this to him then what all the students are saying about us will be considered true which I don’t want to happen. I know how I am sir” Saying so she leaves from there. Shaurya looks at his father in law who looks worried with her rejection and denial. He can’t see the only man who treated him like his son upset so he decides to take the matters into his hand without realising that for his and his father in law he is thinking of ruin the life of a young woman who still didn’t see rhe life by pulling her in to a love less marriage.

Shaurya goes behind Anokhi and holds her hand. He turns her around and tells her. “I know you don’t like me and I don’t like you either. I also don’t want to get married to you just like you do. I can’t be with you just like you can’t be with me but then this is the only thing which can give you, me and my family peace. I know you must not know the value of a family but then I do and I can’t see my family suffering because of me. The only way to end this non sense is to gst married to you and that way I can give peace to my family. You won’t be at the losing side either Anokhi. You will be at the winning side as well. You will get a lot to enjoy. You will get the education and the food you want. You will get all the luxuries in the world. We will get to live like a queen. You won’t need to work or adjust with food or anything just because you have no money Anokhi.

Don’t let this chance go. Think about it better before you take any decision. This can get you whatever you want. You will get the much needed respect and the dominance you desire over others” Anokhi looks at him with tears falling from her eyes and tells him “This is not about me having dominance over others sir. This is about me living my life with a man who doesn’t love me and in fact hates me to the core. I can’t survive like this sir. I know I am poor but then I also know that money is not everything. I know there is a thing called Love and Peace and those are the only things that I crave for. Those are the only things I want sir. I am sorry but I can’t marry someone who doesn’t love me or atleast treat me as a human sir. Just spare me sir. I can’t be the bait that brings peace to you and your family. I can never be with someone who doesn’t respect me at all”

Saying so Anokhi leaves from there. Pallavi her friend who has heard everything from far forces her to get married to him. She tells him “You loved him soo much Anokhi. You joined this college for him. This is your chance. He may not respect you now but then he will definitely respect you in the future. Don’t let this chance to prove your love go in vain” Anokhi thinks about her words.

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