ShaKhi FF: Her Selfless Love| Chapter 34

Shaurya wakes up from his sleep to see Anokhi sleeping digging her face into his neck. He draws in a sharp breath with her closeness. He keeps on looking at her face but then when he sees her moving in her sleep, he closes his eyes pretending to sleep. Anokhi opens her eyss and looks at him with a small smile on her face. This is the view she has always dreamt to see the moment she opens her eyes. And today the dream has come true. Shaurya has expected her to get up and leave the moment she sees them soo close but then he got confused with her weird and unexpected behaviour. He feels her moving close to him and his breath stops feeling her lips on his forehead. He has never expected her to do something like that. She then places kisses on his both the eyes and whispers to him thinking him to be asleep ” You don’t know how much I have loved you and how much I have craved for this moment sir. You don’t know how much I wanted to be with you. You don’t know how much hard I had to work to get a seat in the college you have been working sir.

You don’t know how much I wished to be with you. When I finally got the chance to see you every day and meet you every day, you started hating me. You started treating me like I am not even a human being. You made me scared to be with you to the point that I denied to marry the one and only love of my life. I denied to be with the one and only person I loved all my life. I always dreamt of a life with you from the moment I met you for the first time and came to know about you but then I came to know that you got married. Even then all I wished was for you to be happy and get every thing that you deserve in your life. I wished the best for you but then God snatched thar little happiness from you as well. That moment when I came to know that you became all alone, all I have done was to rush to the hospital you were with your wife. There I saw you with your family who were supporting you and consoling you.

That moment I realised that you have all the people that you deserve to look after you. You don’t need it. I almost gave up on you and decided to live my life all alone as I can’t imagine a life with any one else but then some thing in me doesn’t let me give up and I joined in your college. I never expected you to fall in love with me the moment you see me but then what shocked me was your ruthless and inhumane behaviour towards me. That was the least thing I expected from you sir. I expected you to be supportive and fair with all your students but you never even treated me like atleast a human being.

You hurted me a lot sir and you enjoyed hurting me. You enjoyed making me feel low. That literally broke me. That took away all the confidence I had in myself. That killed the confidence and the amount of trust I had in you. Yes I trusted you. I trusted you to be fair and humane. The way you treated me is the way an enemy treats his enemy. I never understood what mistake I have done for you to behave that brutal with me. The amount of hatred you showed for me was not at all needed. I don’t understand as to why you hated me for no reason but then it still couldn’t kill the love I have for you sir. My love for you keeps increasing every day sir. May be my love will still live even after I die. I love you sir” saying so she kisses him again on his forehead and leaves from there. Shaurya who was pretending to be asleep opens his eyss which are full of shock and guilt. He watched as she enters the washroom.

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