Shakhi FF: Love or Destiny| Chapter 17

Scene begins with Anokhi stares Shaurya happily. She feels like give a tight hug to him. Just then she reminds the fainted inside the mall then how came she reached near the car? It means Shaurya carried her in his arms? She closes her mouth thinking about her dream. Doesn’t he carried her in her dream too? But small difference there he carried her romantically but here he helped her. Whatever her dream came to true. It means he gonna order her favourite food here. Will he feed to her? She is imaging how will he treat her inside? They reaches in front of the hotel. She looks around the place and thinks its not the place he took her in dream.

Shaurya takes her inside holding her hand. Both arranges in their place. For her surprise he gives the order for her not even asking to her what she wanna eat? She pouts seeing it. He says to her that she is looking so tired even she faints down so she might take healthy food that’s why he ordered this for her. She gives fake smile to him and curses herself for faint down. How will she eat this healthy food when her tongue craving for non veg. She convinces herself for Shaurya’s care on her. Both indulged in the topic of studies. It’s the favourite subject to both. Shaurya really feel proud of her for knowing many things. He appreciates her. She gives all the credits to her professor. He asks her to mention that staff name whom trained her this much? She about to mention his mom name but stops in middle. She says to him that all taught to her how will she give credits to a single person she wanna thank all. She adds that the don’t have energy to mention everyone name now. By saying this she fills her mouth with two spoon food. She is cursing herself for about to blabber the truth. She would have caught red handed today.

Shaurya asks her to eat slowly or else she will chokes. As he said she starts cough he helps her to drink water and pats on her back. She feels awkward moment there. May he misunderstood her as foodie or thinking she didn’t saw food before? She gives a awkward smile to him. He questions her Is she ok?she nods to him while drinking water. What happened Is she stayed hunger yesterday? He comes to a point that she didn’t ate anything yesterday. He curses himself for not checking whether she eat or not? Anokhi thinks that he is so innocent that’s why blaming himself for this matter. Only she knew how much she ate yesterday. Thanks to Kanchan whom gave food to her in room. She feels bad for seeing him taking blame. She tells him that he is not a mistake here. She ate food. He asks her to stop lying if she eat means then why is she rushing to eat here? May she is hungry. He snatched the spoon from her and starts feeding her. Anokhi enjoys the moments few minutes because her dream came to true. But after few minutes she feels like its burden to her because she is already full but he is not in a idea if stop feeding her. She says to him that she is full but he is not listening to her at all. He calls the waiter and ordered food again. Anokhi widen her eyes and pretends like faint. See she is lack of energy bring two more plates. Anokhi crosses her palm in front of him and says she is full. She can’t able eat more. He asks her to drink juice at least. He forcefully makes her drink the juice. He asks her to wash the hand. He denies it holding her stomach. She can’t able to take a step forward. She feels like she is carrying load in her stomach.

He comes there after washing his hand he questions her how about ordering ice cream for her. She shakes her head in all direction. She asks him to stop showing love on her for few minutes. She pats on his shoulder and asks him to take a break in pleading way and tries to go out but slipped. He holds her on time. He asks her to walk carefully. She gives a sarcastic smile to him and thinks that she will dare not to faint again nor ask him to feed her. It seems like she don’t need to take food today. Shaurya starts driving the car while sharing about his collage days with her. He didn’t get any response back from her. He turns towards her side to see her sleeping cutely cuddling to the cushion. He smiles seeing her in that state and ruffles her hair. He puts a break down when dog crosses the car. He holds her head preventing her hit. He thinks that this girl not even wear the seat belt. He makes her lay on seat comfortable and moves little close to her to put the seat belt. Just then only he noticed her face. He feels like staring her without blinking. He feels that something strange happening inside him.

Screen froze

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