Shakhi ff| Love or destiny: Chapter 18

Scene begins in Shaurya and Anokhi returns to home. Shaurya leaves to his room without talking to anyone. Devi stops Anokhi and says to her she is trying to separate her son from her just wait and watch how she gonna kick her out of the house. Anokhi didn’t answer anything to her and leaves from there.

Two days passed peacefully Shaurya takes Anokhi to college to get admission for her. His bade Papa and Chacha decides not to give admission to her in the influence of Devi. But Shaurya demands them to give seat to her. Shaan asks them let’s go for an interview and written test if she passed in both of it no one dare to stop her. If she fails in if he won’t force anyone to give admission to her here. Both side will agree to this. Devi suggests her husband to prepare tough questions paper to her. Shaurya advises to Anokhi don’t be confuse and take tension to heart just face everything confident. She agrees to him. He wishes all the best to her. Anokhi attends the interview it’s really tough to her to give answer to many of the questions. Shaurya comes there and cross checked the questions paper. He complaints that this is not her subject how could they ask another one department questions to her its totally unfair. He gets angry on them. Shaan supports Shaurya there. Shaurya tells to them clearly if they don’t conduct this test fairly then he won’t come to this college hereafter. They have no option then go with Shaurya. They asks his chacha to ask questions to her randomly from the syllabus. For their surprise Anokhi gives answer to everything. She got her admission there. Shaan congratulates her she thank him and signals him to inform this to Aastha. Anokhi goes in search for Shaurya and finds him talking in phone. She runs near him and hugs him tighter expressing her thanks to him. Shaurya gets surprise to see her behaviours but somewhere he loved the closeness of her. He hugs her back and congratulates her. She asks to him how come he know she got the seat? He ruffles her hair and says he knew well she is pretty smart. She thank him again for supporting her. He tells her its his responsibility to take care of her all things.

Devi gets irritate to hear the news that Anokhi got seat. Bebo and Kitty assures to her they will teach a lesson to her nothing to worry. Kanchan congratulates Anokhi.
Devi strictly says to Anokhi and everyone she shouldn’t use Shaurya’s wife status in college and she wanna study in her effort. She can’t able to afford college getting bad name because of her. Everyone agrees to this condition including Shaurya. He has his own reasons for it. Few days passed Devi is still treating Anokhi in bad way and Bebo and Kitty are giving tough time to her in college time. Like Bebo trying to insult her she has nothing just a merit student. Group ragging like that. Anokhi is determined to study well bearing these all. But always Shaurya comes there as a rescue to her.

Meanwhile Shagun returns to India and meet Devi secretly. Devi lashes out at her for cheating her and vent out all her anger on her. Devi is not ready to believe her but somewhere her ego supporting her because she is her selection. She wishes to use her against Anokhi and kick her out of Shaurya’s life.

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