ShaKhi FF: Selfless Love| Chapter 33

Shaurya enters the room and looks at Anokhi who is sitting on the bed covering her face with a veil. He rolls his eyes looking at her. He directly goes into the washroom banging the door on the way. Anokhi looks at the way he has gone lifting the veil with a smile on her face. She should be sad with his behaviour but she has already expected this and knowing the amount of disking he has towards her, this is neither shocking nor painful for her and she is not feeling sad with his behaviour. In fact all she is feeling at the moment is to laugh out loud as he is exactly doing what she expected him to do. She waits for him to come out if the wash room abd once he is out, she goes inside the washroom and gets changed into het knee length night dress that she has brought for the night. She comes out and Shaurya who was laying on the bed gets shocked seeing her. She smirks to herself and lays beside him in the bed. Shaurya gulps as he can feel the heat emitting from her body. It’s been long that he has ever been this close to a female body and this is just making him feel all the uncomfortable feelings in his body. She pretends like she is snoring in her sleep while he is not able to sleep with the all the uncomfortable and dirty thoughts that are going on in his mind even if he is trying to control them from occuring in his mind. He is in a way disgusted with himself for feeling these things but then he is also enjoying the heat that is emitting from her body.

Anokhi can clearly feel the tension in his body and she is loving the effect on him. Pallavi’s and her Mother in law’s suggestions is working in her way to get his attention. She smirks looking at his tensed body and throws her leg around his waist. Shaurya shivers with the feeling that passed through his body. He holds her leg to remove it from his waist bur then feeling her naked and raw skin under his fingers, his hands shakes and he draws in a deep breath to control all the durty thoughts going on in his mind. Anokhi controls her chuckle feeling his shivering hands. Shaurya turns behind to see whether she is awake but sees her eyes closed and hears a slow snore from her mouth. He fully turns around and removes her leg from his waist finally collecting the courage in him.

He throws her away from his body and she frowns in her sleep. He looks at her innocent cute face for a moment that is shining because of the Moon light coming from the window. He suddenly feels this urge to touch her cheeks which he has never felt before. He doesn’t understand the feelings going on inside him. He is shocked with his own behaviour but then may be this is the magic of the Marriage. May be he has felt that own feeling with her because she is his wife. May be he is feeling all these feelings because he knows he has every right on her and she has every right on him. He doesn’t know what it is but he for sure doesn’t feel that anger and hatred in him anymore. He is feeling comfortable with her all of a sudden and it is shocking to him. He remembers how she was staring at him like a love sick puppy and smiles. He then remembers how he shouted at her and humiliated her. He feels guilty looking at her innocent sleeping face remembering his words and his behaviour towards her. He doesn’t understand this sudden change in him and doesn’t understand as to why he is feeling guilty all of a sudden and regretting his words. He keeps looking at her wondering about his own behaviour and goes into a deep sleep. Anokhi opens her eyes and looks at his face with a smile. She can feel the change ahd it is making her happy.

To Be Continued..

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