Shakti Astitva Ek Ehsaas Ki: Soumya and Heer get caught

In the recent episodes of Shakti AstitvaKeEhsaas Ki Harak Singh is trying his best to catch Soumya and Heer and kill them but his various tentative are failing. In the last episode he has been arrested by the police after he tried kidnapping Gayatri’s daughter to blackmail her and get to know where Soumya is.

But Varun, Shanno and Mahi are still free and have planned to harm Maninder, who is at the hospital after Harak Singh had badly beaten him, in order to catch Soumya who will surely come to the hospital to meet him.

Preeto wants to give half of her money to Nalini so she can go somewhere far with Maninder and the rest to Soumya so she can leave abroad with the children and they don’t want it to happen.Varun will remove Maninder’s oxygen and he will get breathing problems.

In the upcoming episode Soumya will be seen falling in their trap as she will get very worried after knowing that Maninder’s condition has got worse from Gayatri. Gayatriwill tell Soumya that Maninder’s condition has got worse and she has to go to the hospital.

Soumya will insist to go with her. Gayatri will say that someone will recognize her but Soumya will say that they won’t be able to recognize her. Soumya and Heerwill dress up as two sardar and come in the hospital but they will be stopped by a man who has his face covered. He will be revealed to be Varun who will point a gun on them.

Will all the efforts made by Soumya, Preeto, Gayatri and Maninder to keep Heer safe go in vain? Or will Soumya be able to escape once again and save their life? Stay tuned to know what’s in store for the viewers.