Shakti Astitva Ke Ahesas Ki: Heer vandalizes Virat’s tea stall

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In Colors TV popular show Shakti Astitva Ke Ahesas Ki viewers have seen in an earlier episode that Virat opens a tea stall near Angel’s house to stay near Heer. He says it’s his new identity so he will sell tea. Heer also accepts Shyam as her friend. For him she makes pulao and when she sees that Isha has come to Virat she gets surprised. She feels jealous seeing Virat and Isha together but Shyam keeps reminding her of her identity that she is a kinnar.

A kinnar should not love a man. Heer comes under the influence of Shyam. On the other hand, Isha says everything to Virat that his parents told her to do. Virat says he loves Heer with all this heart and soul so he won’t doubt himself for doing something to get Heer back.

In upcoming episodes a lot of drama is waiting for the audience. Heer, unable to find other ways to stop Virat she will decide to break his stall stuffs. She will break the bottles and poster by using a stick. After seeing all this Virat will say that no matter how many times you break my heart or my stall. My love for you wont be less. Heer will be surprised. After that Preeto decides
to meet Heer for the festival. She brings some sweets and clothes for Heer. She says that we want to give Heer these things. Please allow us. But Heer will refuse to meet them. Shyam will say that Heer is mine and she lives with us. Then he gifts a dress to her. Heer will show that she is really happy and she will choose it to wear which Shyam gifted. Preeto and Virat will be disheartened.

Is Heer doing all these to maintain a distance from her family? Or someone is telling her to do it?

Will Virat reopen his tea stall? What will Isha do to stop Virat?

All these questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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