Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 10th July 2020 Written Update: Heer and Virat’s haldi function

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 10th July 2020 Written Update on

Episode starts with Virat call Shano and ask about Heer. Shano then give her mobile phone to Heer. Heer takes her phone and ask Virat that, What should we do if we love two people equally and one of them tells you to choose one? Virat gets confused with Heer’s question and ask her, Why are you asking this. Heer says, just answer me. Virat then replies and says, choose whomever you want, if they both loves you so none of them mind. Heer then thank him and ends the call.

Later, she gets ready for her haldi function and still thinks about the letter. While Soham call her and ask her to cheer up and ask Heer to enjoy her haldi function. Soham starts the music and Heer start dancing in “Munda thoda off beat hai” but Saumya’s words still lingering in her mind.

On the other side Virat’s mother put haldi on Virat’s face. Virat question her that why his father is not participating in his haldi function, did he not love him? Virat’s mother console him by saying that she will ask Sant to participate in his function. Then she went to her room and ask Sant to comes down. At first Sant denies it but then for Virat’s sake he comes down. This make Virat extremely happy and like this Virat and his family enjoys Virat’s haldi.

At Heer’s sides, Heer ask Preeto that even she is not happy with this marriage but at least she can put haldi on her face. Preeto gets agreed with this and she apply haldi on Heer and that’s how Virat and Heer’s haldi function ends.

After that Heer went into her room and start cleaning her self. While thinking that why Saumya is not happy with her love marriage and what’s the reasone behind it. Heer thinks that if Saumya really want to stop this marriage then she will come again. While she is in her thoughts Virat comes there. He ask Heer that what is she thinking. Heer gets shocked and then asks him why he has come here.

Virat replies that he also wants to put haldi on her face. He also ask Heer about that question. Heer thinks that if she tells him about Saumya’s letter then Virat will feel that Saumya is also against their love. So she considers it prudent to hide this and does not tell Virat anything.

Episode ends with Virat put haldi on Heer’s face and then he leave. After Virat leaves Heer again feel Saumya’s presence.

In upcoming episode of Shakti Heer tries her best to find Sau