Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 10th June 2021 Written Update: Saumya tells Harman to divorce Mahi

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 10th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Saumya pleading before Mahi to seek an apology. Mahi gets shocked and thinks is Saumya aware of her plan? Harman enters and apologises to Mahi. He says this family belongs to Mahi as well. Mahi promises she won’t leave. Saumya tells Harman they should go to their room now. She holds Harman’s hand and Mahi gets jealous seeing that. She throws a vase and acts like getting unconscious. Harman saves her from falling. Saumya gets Mahi’s motive. Everyone comes to Mahi’s room and Harman makes Mahi lie on bed. Harman sits beside her holding her hands. Mahi smiles and thinks she succeeded. Virat grows suspicious.

Saumya comes out of the room and Virat asks her why she is not concerned for Mahi. Saumya reveals Mahi is acting only, she isn’t changed yet. She wants to create misunderstanding between Harman and Saumya. Virat says he also had doubts. He promises Saumya to help her in exposing Mahi. Saumya and Virat shake hands. She thanks Virat for helping her.

Daljeet asks Angel how come she is sure that Sant will strike a deal with her. Angel says he doesn’t know Sant properly. He will come within counting of five. Sant enters with Parmeet. Angel gets shocked to see them.

Mahi gets ready and says she has to impress Harman by her beauty so that he understands the difference between a kinnar and a woman. Saumya can’t give him pleasure. Angel asks Sant why he came without uniform. Parmeet says its last chance for Angel to save himself. She adds Sant won’t strike any deal but she will. Parmeet says she will help Angel in separating Virat and Heer. But if Angel commits any mistake she won’t get spared. Seeing Mahi Preeto gives nice compliment to her. Mahi says she wanted to create a happy environment. Virat thinks Saumya was right, Mahi is trying to impress Harman. Virat says they should be each other’s strength until Heer comes back. Mahi tells him everything will be fine soon. Virat says to Mahi that Saumya went somewhere with Harman. Mahi gets jealous and follows Harman. Virat follows Mahi.

Saumya after seeing Mahi starts acting. She says to Harman that until Harman and Mahi get divorced they can’t marry each other. Harman says they should not care about the society, they don’t need anyone’s permission. Saumya says atleast they should think about Mahi, people will taunt her after getting to know Harman has two wives. Saumya says Mahi can’t fight with society alone, and if they are living in a society, they need to follow the rules to save family respect. Harman gets confused whether he should do it or not. Saumya keeps insisting Harman to file divorce. Mahi overhears them and gets angry. Saumya tells Harman they should talk to Mahi regarding it.

Episode ends

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