Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas ki 10th September 2019 Written Update: Vedant tries to harm Heer!

Episode start with Chameli asking Heer where she is going at night. Heer says she is going to Gulabo’s house. Chameli says she will take her to Gulabo’s house. She gets a call from Malika.  Mallika ask Chameli did she got Heer. Chameli recalls Mallika’s words.

Saumya prays for Heer. Someone knocks at Saumya’s house. She opens the door and stands shocked seeing Heer. Saumya ask how she reached here. Heer says she is here to say sorry. Saumya hugs Heer. She further ask to Heer how she reached here. Heer tells one of her friend brought her here.

Saumya sees someone’s shadow and ask the person to stop. Saumya stands shocked seeing Chameli. She thanks Chameli for  Chameli says she wants Heer to stay

Heer says to Rohan to let’s wake up Soham. Saumya comes and ask Rohan to take care of Soham and meawhile she will drop Heer home.

Rohan and Soham comes to take Heer to the school. Singh mates make Heer ready. Rohan and Soham hug Heer. Saumya ask Rohan and Soham to take care of each other.

Saumya informs Preeto that Heer was out from the house late at night. Preeto worries for Heer. Saumya ask Preeto to make Mahi understand to take care of Heer. Last night Mahi scolds her so she can to meet her. She says if heer will not get motherly love than she will always come to her.

Mahi talks with Harak and praises Saumya. She further says but Heer is going closer to Saumya which is not good. Harak supports Mahi. Preeto defends Mahi. Later, Harak says Preeto to ask Saumya to make distance with Heer.

Preeto asks Mahi if she bothers so much for Heer than why she talked rudely with Heer last night. She says if child will not get love from her mother than she will go to the person who loves more than her mother. Mahi stands shocked. Rohan, Soham and Heer decide to eat something from market. Rohan instruct Soham to take care of Heer til he returns.

Police follows a man. Vedant picks Heer and threatens the Police saying he will kill the child if they come closer to him. Soham ask Vedant to leave his sister. Heer panics. Vedant runs away with Heer. Soham runs behind Vedant. Rohan gets shocked empty bench and call for Heer and Soham.

Heer says to Vedant that he is running from Police and she will not let him go. Heer screams Gulabo and Vedant recall his moments with Saumya. Vedant pushed Heer and ran away. Police rescues Rohan, Soham and Heer.

Harak and Veeran discuss about factory. Harak gets a call from police and Singh mates rushes to meet Heer, Rohan and Soham. People nearby discuss to change kids clothes, as they are shivering because of cold. A lady out there asks Heer to come with her so that she can help her in changing the dress.

Ladies cover Heer to change her dress. Saumya comes and stop them. Preeto recall doctor word. Saumya takes away Heer and ask Rohan and Soham to come with her. Lady says what will happen if they will change Heer’s cloth. Saumya yells at the lady she will take care of their kids. Preeto supports Saumya. Lady complaint to Harak and says ladies of his house has no manner to talk.

Saumya says she will change Heer’s hand. Harak stops Saumya from taking Heer and ask her to leave Heer’s hand. Preeto tries to interrupt but Harak says from now some other member of the house will take care of Heer.

Harak further announces that except Preeto and Saumya some other member of the house will take the responsibility of Heer. Saumya and Preeto stands shocked. Mahi thinks Harak made a good decision and now Heer’s kinner truth will be out.

Precap: Vedant admires the sleeping Saumya. Saumya wakes up from the sleep and gets shocked seeing Vedant