Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 10th September 2021 Written Update: Virat kidnaps Kareena’s murderer

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 10th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Virat trying to find the killer and he finds someone covering his face. He catches him and recognises him. Saumya calls Daljeet and says now its his turn to die. Daljeet says she killed his father doesn’t mean she can kill him too. Saumya says she won’t kill him but Virat will kill him as he learned the truth from Kareena’s murderer that his family killed Heer and Daljeet molested Gitu. Daljeet gets tensed hearing that. Virat chases the murderer and the latter runs away. Virat looks for him but the latter notices him from a hidden place and leaves. Saumya scares Daljeet saying how does it feel when someone is hanged to death. Daljeet gets restless and he packs his bag. Gurwindar tries to stop him but the latter leaves in fear. Daljeet gets inside his car. Saumya and Harman aim gun at him in car. Harman tells him to take them to somewhere. He warns Daljeet not to scream and not to be oversmart. Gurwindar sees Daljeet with Saumya and Harman. She gets shocked and Daljeet drives the car. Gurwindar breaks down and informs Parmeet about it. Parmeet says she knows where is Daljeet. She also goes on a lookout for Daljeet. Virat reaches home and gets to know from Gurwindar that Saumya and Harman took Daljeet away. Gurwindar pleads Virat to save Daljeet.

Saumya and Harman take Daljeet to godown where Heer was caged. They make him stand on stool and they set a death trap for Daljeet. They put rope around Daljeet’s neck and says Heer went through immense pain because of him. He didn’t show pity to her then why will they show pity to him. Saumya sets the rope on fire which will kill Daljeet. Parmeet arrives and get shocked seeing Daljeet. Saumya and Harman also get surprised seeing her. Parmeet holds Saumya and Harman at gunpoint. She tells them to leave Daljeet else she will kill them both. Harman says if they leave Daljeet then they will have to kill Sant. Parmeet gets shocked to hear that. Saumya pushes some boxes. Parmeet and Daljeet see that they tied Sant with ropes. Sant is alive. Parmeet is heading towards him but Saumya stops the latter saying she will press the remote button and Sant will die due to blast. So Parmeet has to choose whether she will save her husband or son.

Gurwindar tells Virat to stop Saumya and Harman. Virat calls Parmeet and Daljeet but they don’t pick up. Virat calls Harman and the latter shows it to Saumya. Parmeet tells Harman not to receive Virat’s call else she will shoot Saumya. Saumya tells Harman to pick up the call as Virat should know his family stooped so low. Harman is about to pick up the call but it falls down.

Virat assures Gurwindar he will save Daljeet. He checks his car dickey and sees the unconscious killer whom he tied with rope. Saumya asks Harman why he dropped the phone. Harman replies he already lost everything and now he can’t afford to lose Saumya.

Episode ends

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