Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 11th January 2021 Written Update: Shyam warns Virat and his family for one last time

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 11th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shyam asking Virat, where are you taking Heer with you? She is my sakhi. Virat says Heer is not your sakhi. She is my wife. Shyam says she is my sakhi. Virat gets angry and says get out of my sight otherwise I will kill you. He holds Shyam at gunpoint. Shyam suddenly throws the key at Virat and takes the gun from him. He then says this key belongs to you. I thought I would return you the key and in return I want Sakhi from you.

Virat says he won’t give her. Angel comes there with others and says our soft spoken Shyam also knows how to use a gun so it would be better if you leave. They take Heer from Virat. Virat says I will not leave without taking Heer. Shyam says its our world and here people don’t do anything by going against his consent. Shyam says I know how you got married. You took four pheras at first. Each phera takes one minute to complete. Shyam says if you can stay here for more than 4 minutes you will be able to take Heer away with you. Virat agrees. They start fighting. Virat beats Shyam.

On the other hand Preeto gets confused and says Heer didn’t agree to come with us. We have done everything. She does something unthinkable. She climbs on the roof by using a ladder. Shyam is about to lose the challenge but Angel helps Shyam using a stick to defeat Virat. Virat falls down and Shyam starts beating him. Virat becomes unconscious. Heer gets her senses back and gets shocked seeing all these. Heer stops Shyam.

Preeto is about to jump from the roof but Harak stops her from doing that. Preeto becomes restless and says let me jump. My bones will be fractured and Heer will be back.

Heer shouts at everyone and says what have you done to Virat? Don’t come close to Virat. Angel says Virat was trying to disappear with you that’s why Shyam attacked him. Heer says why did he beat my Virat so much? Angel forcefully takes Heer with her and locks her in a bedroom. They throw Virat out from the house and Heer sees Virat from the window lying on the ground at unconscious state. Heer gets upset and calls him. Heer goes in washroom and keeps pouring water on herself and then she turns on the phone and falls asleep on the ground.

Shyam asks Angel why did she cheat during fight? She doesn’t trust his capabilities. Angel says if I wouldn’t help you you could have failed doing so. Angel says sorry to Shyam and Shyam says please don’t use such tricks in future. He says I want to win on my own. Heer wakes up in the morning and sees Virat is lying still. She calls Gurwindar and Gurwindar gets angry and says why have you called me? We don’t have any relation with you. Heer says her about Virat’s condition. Gurwindar gets shocked.

Parmeet and Sant go there and get tensed seeing Virat like that. They pick him up and say come with us. Heer notices everything from the corner and gets happy. Virat asks for Heer and he calls her name. Shyam comes there and says Heer is not yours. You have nothing to do with her. She belongs to our world. He says Virat’s parents that they are not enemies and stop your son from doing this further. Else you will find your son in this condition on a daily basis. I hope you understand. Heer and Virat get emotional.

Episode ends.

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