Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 11th March 2020 Written Update: Heer and Virat’s love debut

Today’s episode begins with Soham beating up Virat, while Virat says that he kills me more than I need to, but I still say that I love Heer.  Soham says I will kill you today.  Heer wants to stop him but he does not want to stop himself  so Harak Singh has asked  him to stop.  And tell Virat to leave from here, because I have no enmity with you and I do not want to hurt you, so you leave from here.

Virat says no, I will not leave because I want to confess my love for Heer and if you do not believe in my love then I can marry Heer right now.  After hearing this Harak Singh gets angry while Heer says no, we are just friends so you don’t get angry.  Virat tells Heer that you tell everyone that you love me, do not be afraid of them, I am with you.  Shanno then asks Heer is this true, do you really love him?

Virat swears Heer and asks her to tell the truth, tell everyone that you love me. Heer says, yes I am in love with you, I love you, Virat.  Everyone is surprised by Heer’s sudden statement.  Preeto recalls that once Haram too expressed his feelings towards Shomya in this way.  And she grabs Heer’s hand and asks Mahi to take her to her room.Mahi pulls Heer towards her room while Heer is saying leave me, I will not leave.  Harak Singh tells Soham  to bring a rope. Heer says, Harak Singh please don’t do all this, don’t hurt him, I love him very much, while Harak Singh ignores her.

Virat says, Heer don’t worry about me, I am not afraid of all this, you just take care of yourself.  I will come soon and bring you with me. Later Harak Singh and Preeto come to Virat’s house.  Harak Singh shouts and calls Saint Bakhsh.  Saint Baksh and his family come and ask him what’s  wrong with you.  Why are you being noisy ?Harak Singh tells him that you take care of the boy, because he comes to our house and proposes to our daughter.  Virat’s brother tells him that you go first, we will handle our boy.

But Virat’s grandfather says we should get married these two. Harak Singh disagrees with this, while Virat’s mother insults him and says that there are no matches for us.She also insults Shomya, because she is a kinar, while Preeto answers her and says that even though our Shomiya is a kinar, we are proud of her,because what she did, you can never do in your life time. and they went from there, Later in the morning Virat and Heerpray for each other.

Precap : Virat and Heer’s family cooking somthingbehind duo.