Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 11th September 2019 Written Update: Vedant decides to win Saumya back

Today’s episode starts with Harak sayinf other member of the house will take Heer’s responsibility.

Harak asks Mahi to change Heer’s clothes. Preeto ask Mahi to change Heer’s clothes. Harak ask Mahi to take the responsibility of Heer from now. Mahi agrees.

Mahi changes Heer’s clothes. Heer gives a kiss to Mahi. Preeto enters the room and says to Mahi Harak gave her Heer’s responsibility because she has only given him this idea to keep Heer close to house members. And none can take care of a child more than a mother. Mahi stands speechless.

Saumya spends time with the Heer. Mahi comes. Rohan ask Heer not to play today as she might be tired. Soham says Heer anyways runs slowly.

Heer recalls Saumya’s word and calls out Gulabo. Saumya stands shocked. Heer runs faster than Rohan and Soaham. Saumya comes to Mahi and says she said to her that Heer will run fast one day. Rohan gets surprise how Heer is running fast.

Heer bumps into Harak. Harak ask did Saumya is making her run. Heer says no rather she is enjoying a lot. Heer ask Rohan and Soham to catch her.

At, Ashram Vedant comes to meet Mr. Bansal. Mr. Bansal ask how he is here. Vedant says he ran away from Jail. Bansal tells to Vedant that he left his home after giving his whole property to Saumya. Vedant yells at Mr. bansal for giving property to Saumya.

Vedant ask Mr. Bansal to come with him to Saumya and ask her to give his property back. Mr. Bansal refuses. Vedant threatens Mr. Bansal. The duo fights with each. Vedant chokes Mr. Bansal throat and runs away after pushing him.

Police informs Harak that Vedant ran away from jail. Harak recalls Harman and promises to kill Vedant. Harak ask police to catch Vedant.

Saumya comes back home with Rohan and Soham. Vedant sees them from far. He thinks to take back his property from Saumya and leave the country forever with her.

Saumya ask Soham to close the door. Vedant after seeing Soham recalls the school incident and thinks to find out about the girl whom Soham has addressed his sister.

Saumya sleeps and Vedant admires her. He recalls his moments with Saumya. He goes close to Saumya and says now Harman is not there in between them to stop him. Vedant tries to go close to Saumya. Saumya wakes up from the sleep and wakes up Soham and Rohan. Vedant hides.

Vedant sees Rohan and recalls his moments with him. Saumya ask Soham to get ready. Vedant hears Saumya and Soham’s talk and figures out that Heer is Harman’s daughter.

Rohan ask Saumya Heer always says Harman will be back. Saumya recalls Harman and tells to Rohan that he will return one day for sure.

Rohan further ask and what about his uncle Vedant. Saumya says he will be in a jail and will bear the punishment.

Rohan, Soham and Heer come to school together. Vedant thinks if Rohan wouldn’t have been with Heer her would have abducted Heer. So that he can make Saumya to follow his orders.

Vedant calls Saumya but didn’t speak. Harak ask Saumya who is on call. Saumya says no one is speaking. Harak calls police and ask him to give the location of the number he is giving. Police tells to Harak that number is located near his house.

Harak goes out and looks for Vedant. Vedant hides. Harak finds sim card and keeps it with him. Saumya ask Harak what happened. Harak says nothing and goes away.

Vedant self-talks and says he is not fool to call Saumya and keep the same sim card with him. He smirks thinking till Harak will reach him to take Harman’s revenge, he will leave the country with Saumya. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Heer informs that there is fancy dress competition in her school and she wishes to become bride. Preeto gets angry on hearing Heer and says at her age she should play and study. Heer says to Saumya that she wants to become a bride. Saumya ask Preeto to allow Heer to become bride.