Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 11th September 2020 Written Update: Virat decides to win back Heer

Today’s episode starts with Heer standing shocked seeing Virat. She hits him with the pillow and asks him to leave the room. Virat goes. Heer closes the window and recalls her moments with Virat. She thinks and says Virat is a close chapter for her now. Here, Virat tries to find why he keeps helping Heer inspite knowing her true identity. Virat’s inner voice talks with him to clear his confusion. Virat refuses to hear his inner voice. Jharna comes inside the room and asks Virat why he is screaming. She hugs him and asks if he saw bad dream.

In the morning, everyone waits for Virat for Haldi function. His father says he might go for jogging. Meanwhile, Jharna tells to the family that Virat was disturbed last night. Virat’s mother asks Jharna to find out the reason of his problem.

Here, Preeto scolds Rohan why every time Heer escapes alone. Rohan says he learned that Heer went to the temple. Preeto asks for Soham. Rohan says he is sleeping. Preeto goes to check Soham but Harak stops her. Shanno thinks Soham too went behind Heer.

At temple, Virat meet Heer. He tells her that she was right; Saumya’s dairy has all the solution. He reads few pages from Saumya’s dairy. He then asks Heer if she will become his friend as he is ready to support her whole life. Heer recalls her moments with Virat and slaps her. She gives earful to him and asks him to stay away from her. Virat says to Heer he wants to be with her. Heer says she has many people around her and she doesn’t need his support. Post Heer leaves; Virat decides to win back Heer. He says to Goddess Durga, he promise her that he will take care of Heer whole life.

Later, Soham aims at Heer. Heer walks on the road. Soham about to shoot bullet but Virat blocks Heer’s way. Virat offers Heer to have a coffee with him. Heer refuses to accompany Virat. Virat asks Heer to listen to her. Heer puts forth a condition and asks Virat to find Nutan’s culprit and send her jail.

Ahead, Virat saves Heer from Soham. Heer recognize Soham behind the mask. (Episode Ends)