Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th April 2021 Written Update: Harman saves Saumya

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Saumya doing Puja. Harak asks Preeto why is she crying. Preeto reveals about Jeet’s true colors. Harak gets shocked. Preeto says she is scared what if something wrong happens to Saumya. Preeto tells but they have to trust Saumya. She went to temple with full preparations to catch Jeet.

Goons enter Virat’s house. Virat stays clam in order to protect Heer. He feels he can’t react.

Parmeet’s friend meets Kamini. Parmeet gets happy. Kamini introduces her daughter to Sant and Parmeet saying she is looking for a guy for her daughter.

Virat calls Sant and tells him to send police force. Virat takes care of Heer. Constable says police jeep has some mechanical problem. Inspector tells constable to send another jeep as soon as possible.

Saumya misses Harman and says she always handled everything on her own. But right now she needs Harman. Saumya feels she can’t catch Angel without taking help of Harman. One person is shown.

Virat hides in cupboard along with Heer. Saumya does the aarti and Jeet finds scope to shoot her. Saumya starts dancing. Someone is shown riding bike. Saumya dances her heart out. That person comes to temple and takes off his glasses. Atmosphere changes. Saumya looks here and there. Jeet and Angel can’t see anything due to dust everywhere. Vermilion falls on Saumya’s hairline. Saumya gets confused and feels Harman’s presence. Harman folds his hands in front of Matarani. (Shakti music plays in background) Preeto gets restless. She prays for Saumya. Saumya takes Puja thali. Harman notices Jeet is holding Saumya at gunpoint. Saumya turns back and Harman gets shocked seeing her. Harman rushes to save Saumya and Jeet again fails to shoot Saumya. Harman holds Saumya in his arms. They stare at each other. (Tu hi mera khuda plays) Harman caresses Saumya’s hair but Saumya stops him.

Police catch Jeet and his gang members. Saumya thanks Harman. She was about to leave but her dupatta gets stuck with Harman’s jacket. Harman says his life is thanking him for saving her. Saumya asks why does he say that? Harman says I am saying are you fine Gulabo? Saumya gets shocked hearing the name. She asks angrily how dare he called her by that name. Harman says she looks like rose. She is really pretty. He offers her rose. Saumya throws the rose and says he won’t dare to call her by that name as only Harman has the right to call her Gulabo. Saumya doesn’t recognise Harman and calls him unknown person. Harman gets surprised.

The Episode ends.

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