Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th August 2019 Written Update: Vedant forces Saumya to marry him| Harman learns about Saumya’s truth!

Episode starts with Rohan telling to his parents that Vedant and Saumya is seen nowhere in the house.

Vedant brings Saumya. Rekha ask to Vedant where he was. Rekha’s husband teases Vedant.

Vedant takes Suamya to the room. Saumya gets a call from Mallika. Vedant stops Saumya from taking the call. He says to her that till wedding she can’t talk with anyone. Mallika worries for Saumya and tries calling her back.

Veeran scolds Shanno for giving alcohol to Harman. Shanno and Veeran talk with each other. Preeto comes from behind. Shanno gets scared. Preeto goes away without saying anything.

Preeto comes to Harak and ask him to find a way to bring back Saumya in the house for Harman. Harak explains to Preeto that she can’t switch like this every time. He asks her to accept Mahi and forget Saumya, as she can’t accept her daughter-in law ever because she is trans-gender.

Preeto tells to Harak that for Harman’s sake she will bring back Saumya at any cost if it is needed.

Rekha questions Mr. Bansal about Saumya. Rekha ask Bansal to enquire about Saumya. Bansal says she is perfect for Vedant. Rekha shows her doubt to Saumya. Bansal says he will not tell Rekha about Saumya’s identity.

Mahi comes to Harman’s room. Harman thinks of a Saumya’s word and ask Mahi to sleep on the bed. Mahi says she’ll sleep on the floor. Harman tells to Mahi about Saumya’s promise and goes back to sleep.

Vedant comes to the room and locks Saumya inside. He gets Mallika’s call on Saumya’s mobile but don’t receive it. Saumya ask him to return her mobile. Vedant says till wedding happens she can’t talk to anyone.

Mahi opens the curtain. Harman thinks its Saumya and scolds her for opening the curtain. He wakes up and sees Mahi.

Mahi ask Harman to tell her about his and Saumya’s story.  Harman recalls his first meeting with Saumya and tells Mahi about Saumya.

Saumya’s Mehendi ceremony begins. Mallika comes with other Kinners at Bansal house. Vedant stops Saumya from meeting Mallika.

Chameli ask for money. Rekha gives the money and ask them to bless Saumya. Mallika smile and bless Rekha.

Saumya goes inside. Mallika follows her. She stops Saumya and tells her about her anxiousness. The duo talks with each other and Rekha overhears their talk and stands shocked.

Chameli ask Mallika to do something before it gets late. She asks Mallika to stop Saumya’s wedding. Mallika says now none can stop this wedding.

Rekha comes to Mallika and ask her why Saumya was calling her mother. Chameli tells to Rekha that Saumya is alike one of them. Rekha stands shocked.

Furious Rekha goes back to Bansal house and ask decorators to take out the decoration. She tells Mr. Bansal that Saumya is not a girl but a trans-gender. Saumya stands confused.

Vedant tells to Rekha that they knew about Saumya’s identity before only. Rekha gets stunned. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vedant puts Mr. Bansal at gun point and says he will marry Saumya at the temple. Mr. Bansal informs Harman about Saumya and Vedant’s fake marriage. Vedant drags Saumya to the temple. Harman gets angry.