Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th January 2021 Written Update: Virat is in dilemma after seeing Heer’s new avatar

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parmeet throwing the saul which Shyam gave to Virat. Parmeet says we don’t want this. She says to Virat that for whom you were lying here whole night she didn’t even come for once to see you. Heer starts crying. Other kinnars notice that Heer has got high fever. Angel says why have you slept on ground without changing the wet clothes.

Heer says you left Virat outside in that condition and you are asking me? Angel says we have done that to Virat. Why did you torture yourself? Heer says I have broken all the relationship. But I have not left the love I have for Virat. Shyam comes and says you are right. Love is something you always carry within yourself. Heer says stop talking like God. If you are so good then why did you beat Virat so badly? He hasn’t anything wrong to you.

Shyam says I just wanted to teach him a lesson. He was trying to take you from us. Heer gets surprised. Angel tells everyone to have breakfast. Shyam gives medicine to Heer. He says a relationship between Man and woman is possible. But if a man loves a kinnar, fate too doesn’t support this thing. He says please take this medicine I hope after this we can be friends.

Virat tries to leave from the house and says he is going to stay with his kinnar wife Heer. Parmeet stops him and says how can you leave your family for that kinnar. Don’t do it. Virat says then accept Heer as your daughter in law. I will bring her back in this house. Parmeet gets shocked. Sant hugs Virat and says this hug will remind you of our unconditional love for you. You will regret one day. He says you can’t buy us by showing Heer’s tears. Parmeet says angrily to Virat that when you will hear the news of my death don’t attend my funeral. Virat gets upset hearing all this. Before leaving he prays for his family’s safety.

Heer gets ready and Angel says Apsara is ready. Heer says I am new here. So can I get two more days to learn all this. I have no knowledge how to collect nek from people. Angel says we are not here to entertain you. You will have to follow what we say. Otherwise you won’t get good food. If you will not go with us how can you learn? Shyam says something should happen on right time. Heer goes outside. She is about to fall and Virat holds her. They stare at each other.

Virat asks if she is alright or not? Heer gets emotional and says she is ok. Shyam says to Heer that don’t forget your identity. You are a kinnar only. You belong to our world. Virat says, if I start living with you all I can be part of your community as well. Then I can meet Heer. Shyam says now Heer can only do something to stop Virat.

Heer goes to Virat and starts clapping in front of Virat and asks Angel how to collect nek from people. Angel shows her and Heer imitates her and asks for money from Virat. Virat gets shocked seeing Heer’s new avatar. Heer leaves with teary eyes. Shyam tells Virat that whenever you will see Heer like that you will understand she belongs to us. She is a kinnar. He tells Virat where Heer will go today to collect money.

Episode ends.

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