Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th June 2021 Written Update : Mahi gets exposed

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Mahi acting sick. Preeto says Mahi is feeling weak from yesterday. Harman agrees and says they should not force Mahi, she needs some rest. Saumya keeps the papers on table and says angrily Mahi will never sign the divorce papers. Mahi asks what are you saying. Saumya says its the truth, all cant be coincidences. Her right hand got injured and now she doesn’t want to give thumb print. It’s all her drama.

Saumya says Mahi should give the thumb print right now as she can’t fool family members anymore. Mahi says you are misunderstanding me. Saumya says she can understand what Mahi has been going through but she was ready to leave Harman for Mahi then why Mahi did all this sacrifice drama. She is playing with everyone’s feelings. Saumya tells Virat to bring the phone which was hidden behind the vase. Virat brings it.

Mahi gets shocked. Saumya says after Mahi’s sacrifice drama she had doubts on her. So she took help of Virat. Virat recalls how he hid the phone camera behind the vase in Mahi’s room. Virat plays the footage where Mahi is punching the mirror. Everyone gets shocked to witness that. Virat says sorry to Mahi saying he loved her daughter Heer and he supported Saumya because he believes in true love. He can’t support wrong things like snatching love from someone. Preeto gets angry and says she doesn’t want to see Mahi in her house again. Else Mahi will break her family.

Preeto tells Saumya to throw Mahi out. Saumya tells her to think again but Preeto leaves. Harman scolds Mahi for deceiving everyone and for stooping so low to get him. He says he didn’t even trust Saumya but she only exposed Mahi today. Saumya tells Mahi that she is not feeling good after exposing her today, but Mahi lost her own respect but cheating everyone.

Saumya says she would have left Harman if Mahi fulfilled a duty of a wife. But now she won’t support Mahi. Mahi can’t separate her from Harman. Mahi says she is Harman’s wife, Saumya says she doesn’t want to hear anything but she tells Mahi to sign the papers before leaving the house. Mahi stands shocked.

Next day Virat goes to Mahi’s room and calls her. He sees the divorce papers. Simran tells everyone Mahi is nowhere to be found. Virat gives the divorce papers to Saumya. She gets surprised to see Mahi didn’t sign it. Preeto says its good that she left without meeting them. She can’t face them after what she did.

Saumya says Mahi will be back for sure with another plan. That’s why she didn’t sign the papers. Saumya says they have to prepare themselves for upcoming storm. Kinnar voices comes from outside.

Everyone goes out to check. They see kinnars are dancing. Angel and Daljeet arrive in front of them. Angel claps and looks at Saumya. Virat wonders how can Angel come out of jail. Saumya angrily stares at her.

Episode ends